Singapore Junior Water Prize

- List of Projects -


Projects submitted for Singapore Junior Water Prize 2019

Main Category

  1. Recycle Shower Water System
  2. Synthesis of Photocatalytic Bismuth Vanadate (V) for Degradation of Organic Dyes
  3. Synthesis and Evaluation of Chloride Intercalated Ca-Al and Ca-Fe (III) Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) for Phosphate Removal from Water Bodies
  4. Removal of dye using Ionic Liquid functionalised Graphene Oxide
  5. Electrospun Chitosan meshes modified with layer-by-layer self-assembly for Microbead Removal
  6. Synthesis of chitosan-zinc oxide nanocomposite for the removal of metal and phosphate ions
  7. Aerogel made from IBA for removing organics & inorganics in contaminated water
  8. Novel regeneration process for adsorbent used in wastewater treatment
  9. An improvised rooftop rain garden
  10. Adsorption of copper(II) ions from wastewater using household food waste
  11. Adsorption of copper(II) ions from wastewater using low-cost biosorbents
  12. Investigation of Bisphenol-A biodegradation using enzymes
  13. Biodegradation of Bisphenol-A (BPA) by Chlorella fusca
  14. Biopurification using Plant Xylems
  15. How cold is enough? Reduce waste and save water, energy and money
  16. Characterisation of Spent Mushroom Compost Biochar in Removing Heavy Metal Ions from Water
  1. Effect of production method on factors affecting heavy metal adsorption of sugarcane bagasse biochar and activated carbon​
  2. Study on the Swelling Behaviour of Hydrogels Synthesised from Pomelo Peels
  3. Synthesis of hydrophobic and oleophilic melamine sponge for the removal of oil pollutants from water
  4. Automated farming
  5. Water awareness campaign 2019
  6. Wastewater purification with electricity generaion
  7. Removal of oil spills using organic matter
  8. Recycling of organic kitchen waste in microbial fuel cells
  9. Smart chemical oxygen demand monitoring device
  10. Nano-glued Activated Carbon Electrodes for High Performance Capacitive Deionisation to purify sea water
  11. Don’t Hog All The Water, Think Generations Ahead
  12. Potential Bioremediation of Arsenic-contaminated Water through Application of Bioengineered Shewanella oneidensis
  13. Development of novel chlorine resistant membranes for reverse osmosis
  14. The riceland prawn (Macrobrachium lanchesteri) as a bioindicator of water pollution
  15. To investigate the effect of the application of the disinfectant thymol (concentration: 6g/L) with an electrical current (voltage:12v) simultaneously in the inhibition of bacterial growth (Escherichia coli)
  16. To investigate the effectiveness of natural protectants(red raspberry seed oil, Shea butter and coconut oil) in their UV-B protecting ability

Under 15 Category​

  1. How water usage habits of PHS students and staff can be influenced?
  2. Conserving water through web
  3. Removal of Congo Red using Activated Carbon from Cucumbers
  1. Absorption of Azo Dye on to 3D printed Carrier
  2. H2O - Hope To 2 Our Future

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