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Calling all ‘O’ Level and ITE students! Ready for a new adventure? Let our tribes take you on a fun and insightful week-long journey – virtually, and in-person​​ too!
Discover NP’s 39 exciting courses online. Score some tips on making the most of your poly life – which includes learning to be your own boss! Wanna know how NP looks like IRL? We’ve got you covered too!

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DAY 1 15 Nov, Mon

Courses Spotlight Series

Not sure what NP course suits you? Attend this series to uncover your strengths and where your interests lie.

2PM School of Business & Accountancy

Does being a part of a dynamic, fast-paced and global environment sound exciting to you? Our sought-after business diplomas will give you a head start in the business world.


Start, plan and manage your very own biz in the Ultimate Startup Challenge. Pit your decision-making and analytical skills against other players in this online strategy game, and stand to win attractive prizes like the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 SoftWeave®️ Plus Gaming Chair!

3PM School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Are you a people person? Fascinated by psychology or passionate about teaching children? Learn how to become a social innovator and make a difference in the community with courses from our humanities school.


16 Nov, Tue DAY 2

Courses Spotlight Series

2PM School of Infocomm Technology

If “tech geek” is your middle name and you speak fluent C++, then one of our IT diplomas could be the perfect fit for you.

3PM School of Engineering

Have a way with machines and love pulling things apart just to figure out ways to put them back together? Engineering may be your calling. Our engineering diplomas will expose you to the latest tech such as the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence.

DAY 3 17 Nov, Wed

Courses Spotlight Series

2PM School of Film & Media Studies

You’ve always got a story to tell and you’re bursting with creative ideas. Our popular courses in mass communication, film, sound & video, and media post-production will give you ample opportunities to showcase your talent.

3PM School of Design & Environment

Learn how to use smart tech to design, build and manage living and working spaces of the future. Discover the architect in you. Design innovative experiences. Make buildings safe & sustainable. Enhance value of land & properties. All this and more at the School of Design & Environment.

Aspiration Series

11AM Transition to Poly

Our students will tell you all about their experiences moving from secondary school to poly.


18 Nov, Thu DAY 4

Courses Spotlight Series

2PM School of Health Sciences

You want to touch lives and bring healing to people. Learn how you can make a difference as a healthcare professional at the School of Health Sciences.

3PM School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology

Always wanted to unlock the mysteries of life and discover scientific wonders? Put that curiosity to good use with our range of life sciences and chemical technology courses!

Aspiration Series

11AM Personalised Learning Pathway

Want to learn something you like, and get an Xtra edge at the same time? With NP’s new and unique Personalised Learning Pathway (PLP), your dream has just come true!

DAY 5 19 Nov, Fri

Aspiration Series

11AM Entrepreneurs Connect

Have a chat with our student entrepreneurs at their cafe!

Telegram Chat


Just text away! Our friendly NP Student Ambassadors will be here to answer all your questions about NP courses and campus life!


DAY 6 20 Nov, Sat

Find Your Dream Course – Parents Edition


Pick up useful tips on coaching your child in discovering his/her career interest and the NP course that is best suited for them.

Book a Guided Campus Tour

Ready to explore NP with our 5 awesome tribes?

Join our tribes as they take you around NP, and get a first-hand show of your future classroom and more.

You will also get to visit your dream academic school to check out the learning facilities and get your burning questions about NP answered! And while you’re here, grab a treat at one of our student-run cafes too – it’s on us!

RED Camp+ at a glance

15 Nov
16 Nov
17 Nov
18 Nov
19 Nov
20 Nov
Courses Spotlight Series
2PM, 3PM
  • School of Business & Accountancy
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • School of Infocomm Technology
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Film & Media Studies
  • School of Design & Environment
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology
Telegram Chat
1PM - 5PM
FYDC Parents Edition
Guided Campus Tour at NP
10:30AM, 1PM, 3PM, 4PM
Aspiration Series
  • Transitioning to Poly
  • Personalised
    Learning Pathway
  • Entrepreneurs Connect

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