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At Ngee Ann, overseas internships, immersions, exchange programmes, study trips and community service visits are key elements of our students’ learning journeys. Each of them gets an opportunity to travel abroad at least once throughout their three years, enhancing their cross-cultural skills and equipping them to be adaptable, global-smart professionals.


A total of 1,316 students gained valuable exposure to different cultures and learning environments as they went overseas on immersion programmes. Some of these trips include the following:

  • Forty-four Business & Social Enterprise students travelled to Hong Kong as part of their Project Management module and overseas immersion experience. Hosted by Lingnan University, they attended lectures on service learning and global citizenship. They also went on learning expeditions to social enterprises, New Life Farm and Fantastic Kitchen, to better understand their operations. As part of their project management module, they conducted health promotion workshops for children, and a smartphone class and therapy workshop for the elderly. They also went through an elderly simulation programme to help them empathise with the struggles faced by senior citizens.

  • For 37 students from the School of InfoComm Technology who went on an immersion programme to China, the highlight of their visit was a tour of technology giant Lenovo at its principal facility in Beijing. They were inspired by Lenovo’s growth from a home-grown Chinese company to a global industry leader. They also witnessed the evolution of computer-related equipment as they got up close with the different products made by Lenovo through the years.

  • Forty-three Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering students visited Shanghai University where they participated in classes and dialogue sessions with local students, and visited companies like the Nestle mineral water factory and Shanghai Totole Food Company.

  • Eighteen Audio-visual Technology students visited Olympus Corporation, Yamaha Music, NHK’s Science and Technology Lab and Keio University during a two-week immersion trip to Japan. These visits helped to strengthen the students’ understanding of video and broadcasting technology, as well as video and photography production.

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During the year, 2,398 students travelled abroad on study trips. They visited major companies and organisations in various countries to develop a better understanding of how different industries operate. Here are some of their experiences:

  • Thirty-six Tourism & Resort Management students visited attractions in Australia like the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Dreamworld, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, and Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. They got a behind-the-scenes tour at several establishments to understand how they function and develop as key tourist destinations.

  • To deepen their appreciation of architecture and history, 25 Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering students embarked on a study trip to Rome and Milan. They attended Expo Milano, the world’s largest Universal Exposition showcasing more than 140 participating countries’ installations or pavilions designed by well-known architects. Besides visiting the architecture faculties at Domus Academy and the Polytechnic University of Milan, they also went to historical Roman sites like the Pantheon and Colosseum, as well as St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

  • Kindergartens, an infant school and a teachers’ training college were among the locations visited by 24 Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology & Early Education students on their study trip to Taiwan. They observed local children and teachers in classroom settings, learnt about different school environments and attended dialogue sessions with school heads. This gave them fresh perspectives on various teaching styles and new ideas to make lessons engaging for young children.

  • A visit to the Netherlands helped 35 Landscape Design & Horticulture students to learn about sustainable urban farming, large-scale intensive agriculture and urban landscaping. Interactions with the locals provided the students ample opportunities to discover more about the country’s economy, culture, landscapes and horticultural practices, as well as education and research in Dutch universities.

  • Twenty students from the School of Engineering attended a customised summer school programme at the University of Sheffield in UK, where they were taught by its faculty. The programme which focused on engineering design, innovation and enterprise included dialogue sessions with industry experts in leading companies. Working beyond traditional engineering disciplines, the students also collaborated in teams to develop solutions to address social issues.

  • Touring multi-national companies like ABB and Wartsila Corporation and seeing live-sized electrical transformers was a highlight of a study trip to Finland for 20 Electrical Engineering and Clean Energy Management students. Visits to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Vaasa Polytechnic provided opportunities for them to interact with Finnish students.

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One hundred and eleven students took on eye-opening overseas internships across a range of industries, some of whom are highlighted below:

  • Accountancy student Norman Foo spent five months as an intern at the accounting department of the five-star Diamonds Thudufushi Resort in Maldives. He learnt to handle cashiering duties, generate reports, and use new operational systems including Sage Business Solutions and Protel Hotel Software.

  • School of Film & Media Studies interns at Pacific Telecommunications Council in Hawaii helped organise a major industry conference. Mass Communication students Arabelle Zhuang and Joed Yip, as well as Advertising & Public Relations student Bill Lim, oversaw registration, student volunteer recruitment, collaterals design and helped develop social media marketing strategies. They also updated the mobile application content, handled sponsorships and coordinated the recording of Keynote sessions, exclusive interviews and awards ceremony at the conference.

  • Biomedical Science student Lee Yan Ying went through an unforgettable internship at the Centre for Cancer Research at the Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. She did a dissection of a human body and investigated the effect of Vitamin C on leukaemia cells – invaluable hands-on experiences for the aspiring doctor.

  • Valerie Goh’s four-month internship at the University of Glasgow’s School of Veterinary Medicine was a unique one, where she gained experience with the birthing, blood collection and feeding of lambs. The Veterinary Bioscience student also worked with experts in the study of wildebeest, a subspecies of the antelope.

  • Based at the Electrical Engineering department of Hochschule Mannheim University in Germany, Electronic & Computer Engineering student Oak Soe Paing created a circuit for electronic devices like handphones and laptops that helps to regulate their internal components and prevent overheating.

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The efforts of 551 students benefited needy communities overseas throughout the year, as they embarked on community service trips aimed at improving the lives of the less privileged. The projects they undertook include the following:

  • Twenty leaders from various CCA groups set out on a community service trip to Chiangmai, Thailand, where they built a futsal court for youths in Huey Hoi village, taught English to primary school children and learnt to cook their own meals from scratch.

  • A team of 24 students from the School of Health Sciences went to Cambodia where they donated clothes and toys to the needy and taught children in primary schools. They also helped in painting, building fences and benches, and setting up a mobile clinic for local villagers.

  • Sixteen students from the School of Engineering’s Mechanical Engineering Division and nine students from the School of Humanities & Social Sciences travelled to Davao City in the Philippines. They helped local teachers to conduct English lessons and built an assembly-cum-games courtyard. In addition, the students assisted in cooking and distributing food to needy children and also interacted with the villagers to learn more about their culture.

  • A group of 29 students from the School of Design & Environment went on a community service trip to Lombok, Indonesia. There, they worked together with villagers to start the construction of a kindergarten by preparing its foundation and structural framework. The students also engaged the pre-school children in hands-on activities such as art and crafts.

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