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Our Trailblazers

Success Stories Quek Siu Rui

My studies in NP gave me a headstart in crafting business ideas as part of school work, which gave me the confidence to embark on pursuing my own venture! Now, Carousell has grown into something that I am immensely proud of as I am able to witness how it improves people’s lives. Pursue your dreams, push your boundaries and trust your gut.

I crafted business ideas as part of school work. Starting early led me to more ideas as I read and experienced more. It takes many years to develop an idea that you are so passionate and confident about that you want to embark on it full-time. Constantly push your boundaries and trust your gut. If you choose not to pursue your dreams, you’ve already failed.

Poh Yun Ru

My course at DE helped me expand my imagination and gave me an all-rounded learning experience. I learnt many skills in technical, graphic and product design, which gave me an edge when I graduated.

Success Stories Aaron Tan

One of the best decisions in life was joining ICT. Not only did I learn to be a better programmer, I learned to be a better leader and business owner while in school. Thanks to ICT, I had the opportunity to participate in the WorldSkills competition, an experience that has made a significant impact in my life.


Being a part of Radio Heatwave in NP gave me the skills and confidence to go from campus radio to national radio!

Ian Ang

The BS diploma lays out the foundation you need as an entrepreneur. I honestly did not appreciate how useful the modules were until I started running Secretlab. I was able to apply the accounting, marketing, business IT and communications skills that I learned in school in a real-world business setting.