Learn how you can score a place at NP by maximizing your 12 choices in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE).

Journey Through NP


Consider John’s case as an example. With a NET aggregate score (after the deduction of CCA bonus points) of 12, he made the choices outlined below, along with the corresponding JAE ELR2B2 for each course.

First 4 choices: PASSION comes first

The first four choices is about putting your interests before other factors. Even if your NET aggregate score is higher than the JAE ELR2B2 range for your preferred courses, don’t hesitate to include them among your top choices.

# ChoiceCourseRange of net ELR2B2
1st ChoiceN73 Pharmaceutical Science3 to 9
2nd ChoiceN45 Business Studies3 to 8
3rd ChoiceN15 Common Science Programme5 to 9
4th ChoiceN67 Mass Communication3 to 8

Next 4 choices: Be PRACTICAL

Choose courses you have an interest in, with the net ELR2B2 range close to your NET aggregate score. This will greatly increase your chances of being accepted into these courses.

# ChoiceCourseRange of net ELR2B2
5th ChoiceN91 Arts Business Management5 to 12
6th ChoiceN56 Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering8 to 12
7th ChoiceN11 Community Development5 to 13
8th ChoiceN98 Common ICT Programme3 to 12

Last 4 choices: Stay PRUDENT

Choose courses with the net ELR2B2 range higher than your NET aggregate score. With this selection, you’re almost assured of a place in one of your chosen courses.

# ChoiceCourseRange of net ELR2B2
9th ChoiceN74 Environmental & Water Technology6 to 15
10th ChoiceN78 Landscape Design & Horticulture5 to 14
11th ChoiceN40 Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management 7 to 17
12th ChoiceN50 Mechatronics & Robotics6 to 26

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