In commemoration of NP's 60th Anniversary

Through your generosity, we have reached our goal of $60,000! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our donors. Collections are still ongoing so if you have not donated yet, it's not too late to be a part of our effort. With your continued donations, we can make an even bigger impact and help more students in need. Thank you!


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We've lined up a series of events for us to celebrate NP's 60th anniversary for an entire week!

nasi lemak

Brekkie on NP!

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

NP Garden

Rock & Stroll

Celebrations at NP!

NP60 Fiesta!


Diamond Jubilee: NP D&D 2023 (Staff only event)


#NPFam Contest


Save these dates on your calendar!

22 May 2023
8.00am - 11.30amBrekkie on NP!Blk 1 Atrium, Blk 58 Foyer & Outside LT 76-79
24 May 2023
9.00am - 11.00amTree PlantingVarious locations at NP
 3.30pm -  6.30pmRock & Stroll (Carnival & Green Campus Trail)
Flag-off at Admin Field in front of Blk 73 
25 May 2023
10.00am - 12.30pmNP Fiesta!
NP Convention Centre
 7.00pm - 10.00pmDiamond Jubilee - NP D&D 2023 (Staff only event)Fairmont Singapore
26 May 2023
Whole DayNP60 Day Off


What is your favourite memory at NP? Hear from NP staff, students, alumni and partners about what makes NP special to them - truly a home away from home.

Kindness and care from colleagues have brought about positive change to each other's lives.


We have a beautiful, green campus. Great colleagues have also turned into friends over the years.


NP Campus Relay Run in the 80's, where many of our students and staff had come together to support and cheer for their school teams. The atmosphere was lively!


Graduations of myself and two of my children at NP were unforgettable and very satisfying. I never expected these life events when I started working at NP.


Back in 2001 or 2003 when I first joined CETA, it was then known as CPD (Centre for Professional Development). I had my first experience organising a graduation ceremony for our part-time students. It was a small, modest event, but the effort I saw my colleagues put into it made me glad and proud to be on the team. Fast forward 20 years, and I still feel the same way.


We learn, we cook and we bond. Nothing brings us closer together like cooking!


It is a great honour for me to work with a group of colleagues who are knowledgeable, supportive and willing to share their experiences. We've celebrated birthdays together, eaten out together, and attended events hosted by Ngee Ann, which have benefitted me a lot and are important memories of my life here.


It's really the unstructured interactions, be it the spontaneous heart to heart conversations that take place on the staircase steps outside the ambassadors' room during my time as an NP ambassador, or the conversations that carry across work cubicles as a staff. It's the people, and the joy and the laughter we share together, that I look back on most fondly when I think of NP.


Spending late nights with project mates on campus, rushing to meet deadlines while stealthily evading the vigilant security guards has to be one of my fondest recollections as a student back in the day. Today, as a proud staff member who is also notably a little less mischievous, my best memories I’m certain are still to come.


My favourite memory is being under one roof where Block 73 housed the Administration/Academic Offices and the Library. There was only one canteen on the hilltop and a clinic on campus. Our salary was paid by cheque, which we must physically collect from the Finance Office.


In 2014, I was part of the bhangra dance troupe with colleagues from the School of BA for an NP cultural event. After weeks of rehearsal, we let our hair down and gave an energetic performance that received cheers and applause from the crowd. It was a joyful moment that I still remember and cherish till today.


NP is always a great place to learn, where people serve with their hearts!


I am honoured to witness and be part of the transformation of our NP Library from a traditional one to a tech-savvy and modern Studies Hub for our students.


I was working in the Library and one fine day, a Year 3 student suddenly approached me for my contact number. In shock, I declined. 33 years later, we're married with 2 grown up children :)


Participating in the 2021 Singalong Contest with my team was special! The moment when they found that I was interested in this contest, my teammates were more than happy to join in. I really enjoyed the whole process and grateful to have such a supportive team!


Watching students grow, succeed and ready to serve the people and society are my favourite memories at NP. This photo captured the moment I shared with my Engineering Science students at the Defence Scholarship Awards Ceremony held at The Istana in 2017.


I feel energised with students on Service-Learning journeys in far-flung places! I'm grateful for the opportunities at NP.


The training period together with other visually-impaired colleagues prior to the opening of Dialogue In The Dark back in 2009 was the most memorable time for me at NP. We gathered at the old poolside canteen each morning for breakfast, talked about training and also to got to know each other better through the process.


The NP campus is like an oversized garden full of greenery, beautiful trees and a hilly landscape, which I soak in and enjoy during my daily walks. NP Library - with its large collection of books - is a quiet place for me to chill and read my favorite comics when I'm free.


I practically grew up at NP! I was a student before I joined NP in my twenties, left to further my studies and settled overseas briefly, and returned in my thirties. I'm in my forties now and my child wants to join NP too (I will be in my 50s then). NP is like a second home to me.


One of my favorite memories at Ngee Ann Polytechnic is the lasting friendships and people I've met. We would spend hours studying and doing projects @Underground and encouraging one another to reach our full potential. I'm grateful for the friendships and opportunities that NP has provided that have helped shape me into who I am today.


As an alumnus, the memories here remind me of the hard work, friendships and skills honed. Exchanges over a meal or coffee and saying hi to one another at every corner of campus are beautiful moments spent with my NP family.


We spend hours and hours in the project rooms at Block 22 to work on projects, watch 8am online lectures while trying my best to stay awake, watch funny videos while procrastinating (just being real) and overall, having such a blast with my pals! Food Club downstairs also has the best kopi to keep me company :) It is a memory I hold closely to my heart and will cherish for a long time.


As Advisor to Green Volunteers of my Division/School, I developed and groomed many students to vie and bag prestigious environmental awards such as HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award, Bayer Young Environmental Award, PUB Watermark Award and EcoFriend Award. It is very gratifying to see them making NP proud through their achievements. This is indeed the most valuable and favourite memory I have at NP.


Our students are always 18 years amazing! THEIR success is the sum of OUR small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. I simply LOVE every moment spent with THEM (when they don't drive me nuts).


What resonates with me the most is the combination of meaningful life experiences, unwavering support from my mentors and peers, and a journey that is uniquely my own.


I miss the mini clock tower at the courtyard between Blk 52 and 53. It is a place where time stood still, allowing your imagination to roam freely.


Working on my final-year project was not only a chance to put everything we had learned in school to use, but it was also a lot of fun to work in a group on something we were all passionate about. Our lecturer was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, making the experience overall very interesting and enjoyable.


My favourite memory in NP is being a peer tutor in the Human Bioscience module. As a peer tutor, I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge and seeing my fellow course-mates achieve better results gives me a sense of accomplishment. Through this experience, I have also gained a deeper understanding of the module by teaching it to my course mates.


I have many fond memories at NP where I spent many hours with my second family, my HS fam! Not a single day goes by without fun and laughter! I enjoyed all the team building activities, where everyone lightens up and laughs it out. My photo was taken at a recent pottery workshop that I attended for a learning journey with HS peeps. I look forward to creating more fond memories at NP!


Definitely the endless memories I've created with the different bunches that I was able to meet and click with through the countless events we have done together!


When I was a student in FSV back in 1996, we had a Wakin Chau(周华健)Concert at the Octagon (now the NP Convention Centre). I was the roving cameraperson and I was less than one metre away from him when I was filming him for his grand entrance at the back of the hall. I almost tripped him with my cable when he was on stage. Ms Jacqueline (the current FMS Director) was the Studio Director for the concert back then.


Through Comm-Serv in ICT Society, I am able to pay it forward to the underprivileged with knowledge and guidance from my mentors. With this, NP has continuously nutured my desire to being part of a supportive community through events such as Silver Click @ Radin Mas and SASCO @ Telok Blangah.


At the NP Inter-School Games 2022, Staff and Students showed me “how to work hard and play hard, in my home away from home”.


Ngee Ann is a place to enrich your lives and open the doors to more opportunities.


D&D will always hold a dear place in my heart - I remember all the performances we used to do on stage, and really bonded with colleagues over hours of disco dancing! Those were fun days - I can't believe we would sometimes end only at 3am!


I joined NP in 2006, and still look forward to coming to school every day. I enjoy teaching but found that I've learnt more from my students and colleagues. My biggest motivation is to see our students do well and go on to pursue their dreams.


I always look forward to Dr John Zhu's Immunology practical lessons as they are fun, and he is an engaging lecturer! Dr John explains complex concepts with easy-to-digest information whenever I need clarification on my lectures or practicals. I remember struggling with my Immunology project; however, Dr John guided me through every step and helped me understand and find joy in a challenging subject like Immunology. Beyond books, Dr John imparts values and cultivates character, teaching me to develop holistically and pushing me to do my best academically.


I remember the fundraising activities e.g. the fun fairs, the walkathons within NP and from Ngee Ann Kongsi Tank Road to NP - one of which resulted in the construction of the NP landmark at the entrance. I am glad that I played a part in these events.


My favourite memories are from the annual campus charity run and walk.


The Sports Stadium at NP is a cool and relaxing place for me. Watching the sports CCAs train and forging close bonds with the CCA students are some of my fondest memories at NP.


I love the eco and open spaces that NP offers, particularly the ones at the Sports Complex. The time and experiences there with the CCA students having HTHT that changed lives after, is priceless!


It was exactly 30 years ago when I joined NP as a student. As a student, I used to hang out with my poly friends in the classroom or computer lab where we shared many laughs. It has come full circle as these favorite spots are exactly where my office is now. Happy 60th Birthday, NP.


The bubble tea stall in the library. My colleagues and I used to go there during lunchtime to get a drink or snack to fuel up and get through the day.


"I am an NP alumnus from School of DE, and my graduation exhibit was an unforgettable experience. It was the day the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew passed on. It was a day of mixed feelings filled with joy and sadness."


NP taught me to listen with my heart: how can I forget what challenged me and stretched my boundaries to where I find myself being inspired to think, "What if...” Happy Birthday, NP! You taught me to think/feel, therefore I am!


Happy 60th birthday, NP! Thank you for giving me a fruitful learning journey, allowing me to work with friends from diverse backgrounds and opening up opportunities to new pathways in my future.


Happy 60th birthday, NP! I remember the fond memories with my friends and my lecturers like it was just yesterday. Those experiences play a great part in shaping my life and my career path. Thank you, and I look forward to many more exciting years ahead!


NP is not just a school, but a sandbox where many ideas and new experiences were found. Happy 60th Birthday! May NP continue to give birth to many more changemakers and leaders of today and tomorrow!


It is my pleasure to congratulate Ngee Ann Polytechnic on its 60th birthday.

MooVita has been in NP's tech village since 2018, and we have a shared dream - building a smart campus. I was excited when we successfully implemented the autonomous shuttle service on 9 January 2023, marking this significant achievement together. We will continue to play an essential role in advancing autonomous driving technology.

Once again, congratulations on 60 years of history-making in the area of IHL!

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