Next stop, Scotland!

Think tartan-kilted Highlanders, skirling bagpipes, and perhaps a glimpse of ‘Nessie’ or the Loch Ness Monster. But our final-year Veterinary Bioscience students’ four-month internship in University of Glasgow, School of Veterinary Medicine is more than just fun. It was one that follows through their passion for working with animals and providing the best solution for their care.

Rae Wong Ruiling, Veterinary Bioscience, Year 3

Hey Rae! What have you been up to in your internship?
I have been helping out with the research projects of my supervisors and have assisted the vet students with their farm work like lambing and other housekeeping matters. Outside work, my friends and I have been exploring Glasgow and catching up with our seniors from NP who are studying at the University of Glasgow. I'm looking forward to work more with farm animals and start on the next phase of my research project!


Any useful apps you have used during your internship?

Wally – It is a good app for tracking my expenditure, making sure I don’t exceed my spending limits.

FirstBus – Great for travelling in Glasgow, which shows bus schedules and you can purchase bus tickets within the same app.


Okay, enough talking shop. What’s the best thing you’ve eaten and experienced in Scotland?
At the farm, one of our tasks was to teach the lambs how to suckle on artificial teats. There was a lamb which looks a little small and weak. I had to teach the lamb how to use the artificial teat and bottle-fed it until its belly was full. After having its fill, it was starting to get a little more energetic and friendly. I could tell that it was gaining some energy because it even hopped onto my lap. Seeing the lamb regain some energy felt rewarding!

It’s playtime! What are the top three things to do in Scotland?

1. Thrift shopping
2. Sight-seeing e.g. University of Glasgow’s main campus, George Square and museums.
3. Really cheap ice-skating that only costs us SGD10!!!!!