Lianhe Zaobao, ZBSingapore, Page 7
Tuesday, 15 August, 2017
Title: Five polys partner Fidor to launch a FinTech education curriculum
Synopsis: The five local polytechnics have partnered with Fidor to launch a fintech education curriculum that costs close to $800,000 to develop. This is the first time Fidor has introduced such a programme in the APAC region, with the aim to help boost Singapore’s growth as a fintech hub in the region. A pilot run of this programme has started at NP. Students from the Diploma in Financial Informatics are learning to develop innovative applications for the financial industry using Fidor API.

For example, final-year students Zhang Zhuang Yu, Chen Yao Hui and Zuo Fengda have developed an e-wallet app. Users can sign up for an account that can be used to pay for their online purchases. They will also receive loyalty points that can be used for rebates. Zhuang Yu said: “Not everyone has a credit card. We hope that our app will allow people to also enjoy the ease of online shopping.” Feng Da added: “The Fidor programme offers ‘electronic money’ that allows us to test our technology.” In its full rollout, the programme stands to benefit some 500 students across the five polytechnics.

“Students have access to a sandbox. This is an environment that enables students to design and test solutions for the fintech industry,” said Mr Ng Poh Oon, director of NP’s School of Infocomm & Technology.

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