​Shin Min Daily News (NP, ITE) (21 Apr)

Title: PDI Graduate defeated serious learning disabilities with pure determination

Synopsis: 28 year-old Tan Qing Pei was unware of his learning disability until a year into his poly education at NP. Previously, Qing Pei had barely passed his PSLE and went on to the Normal (Technical) stream in secondary school. After his N levels, Qing Pei went on to ITE, served his NS and finally successfully enrolled into NP’s Product Design and Innovation course.
To help improve his condition, Qing Pei took a semester-long leave to undergo therapy. He also had to put in extra hours for revision, oftentimes spending 12-hour days and weekends in school. He is grateful for the generous help from his family, lecturers and friends. He hopes to put his creativity to good use and pursue a career in product design.

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