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Diploma in

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering


A broad-based course that integrates biological and chemical sciences with engineering concepts, the Diploma in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) will open doors to a variety of careers. The broad-based curriculum covers chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, environment science, engineering and life sciences.

In your first year, you will be equipped with a solid foundation for chemical engineering, with modules such as chemistry, physics and mathematics. You will also be introduced to how the basic concepts in science are used in engineering through the Introduction to Engineering Principles module.

In your second year, you will explore the application of scientific concepts in the operation of common engineering systems and equipment. These include an indepth study of biopharmaceutical technology, chemical engineering transfer technologies, analytical chemistry, environment, health and safety. In your final year, you will deepen your chemical engineering knowledge and acquire insights into the operations of integrated operating facilities through modules such as Industry Processes and Practices, Separation Technology as well as Process and Automation Laboratory.

You will also get to explore a virtual chemical plant and use computer simulations to hone your communication and troubleshooting skills through simulated process setups. In addition, you can put your learning into practice in a six-month internship. You can opt for either an Industry Internship with companies such as Chevron Oronite, ExxonMobil, Shell Petrochemicals and GlaxoSmithKline or a Research Internship in a local or an overseas research facility.
Versatile Curriculum
Integrates chemistry, physics and life sciences with engineering concepts
Diverse Career Pathways
Diverse career opportunities from the petrochemical industry to the fast growing pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical industries
Real-World Learning
Internship opportunities with reputable companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell, GlaxoSmithKline and Roche

Entry Requirements



Candidates must have the following GCE 'O' Level examination (or equivalent) results.

  • English Language

    1 - 7
  • Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)

    1 - 6
  • Science

    (with Physics, Chemistry or Biology component)
    or Biotechnology
    or Combined Science
    or Computing/Computer Studies
    or Design & Technology
    or Electronics/Fundamentals of Electronics
    or Engineering Science
    or Physical Science
    1 - 6

You must also fulfil the aggregate computation requirements for the ELR2B2-C Aggregate Type.

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Application Information

  • Range of Net ELR2B2 for 202​1 JAE

    6 to 11
  • Planned Intake (2021)



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Diploma in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (N56)