Diploma in

Chem​ical & Biomolecular Engineering




Versatile Curriculum

Only course that integrates chemistry, physics and life sciences with engineering concepts.


Diverse Career Paths

Enjoy rewarding careers in the chemical industry and the fast growing pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical industries.


Real-World Learning

Gain industry experience with reputable companies or hone your research skills during your internship.


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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (N56)

For Students with ‘O’ Levels

Range of Net ELR2B2 for 2020 JAE
4 to ​11

Planned Intake (2020​)

Entry Requirements


To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have the following GCE ‘O’ Level examination (or equivalent) results.

  • Subject‘O’ LEVEL GRADE
  • English Language1 - 7
  • Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)1 - 6
  • Science (with Physics, Chemistry or Biology component)1 - 6
  • or Biotechnology
  • or Combined Science
  • or Computing/Computer Studies
  • or Design & Technology
  • or Electronics/​Fundamentals of Electronics
  • or Engineering Science
  • or Physical Science

You must also fulfil the aggregate computation requirements for the ELR2B2-C Aggregate Type listed here.









For Students with Other Qualifications

Click here to find out more on entry requirements and admissions exercise periods for qualifications such as 'N(A)' Level, 'A' Level, ITE, IP, IB and more.​​