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Diploma in

Biomedical Science


Fascinated by the structure of living organisms and how the human body functions? Or interested in making the next big breakthrough in understanding, diagnosing, treating or even preventing human disease? If you’re keen on a dynamic career in the medical or biotechnology field, our reputable Diploma in Biomedical Science (BMS) will give you a head start!

Known for its rigorous and broad-based curriculum, BMS will prepare you well for both further studies and work. You will learn about the human anatomy, bioinformatics, chemistry, immunology, microbiology and proteomics. It is a perfect launch pad for you to embark on a diverse range of careers in the biomedical, healthcare and food industries.

In your first year, you will take modules such as Anatomy & Physiology, Cell Biology & Genetics, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry that will give you a firm foundation in bioscience and chemistry.

In your second year, you will develop analytical, research and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by the industry. You will acquire knowledge and skills in analytical chemistry, molecular biology, cell culture & bioprocess engineering and immunological techniques.

In your third year, you will deepen your skills in Genomics and Proteomics and Translational Medicine & Clinical Trials, and apply your knowledge in conducting translation research. You will also work on your Capstone Project and undertake a six-month internship with local or overseas research institutes, the biopharmaceutical industry and health organisations.
Promising Careers
An established, recognised and reputable biomedical science programme that prepares you well for further studies or work
Explore Your Interests
Elective modules in biomanufacturing and food science enhance your career opportunities
Real-World Learning
Internship​ ​opportunities with local or overseas biopharmaceutical or pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturing companies, research institutes and healthcare organisations

Ent​ry Requirements



Candidates must have the following GCE 'O' Level examination (or equivalent) results.

  • English Language

    1 - 7
  • Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)

    1 - 6
  • Science

    (with Physics, Chemistry or Biology component)
    or Biotechnology
    or Combined Science
    or Design & Technology
    or Electronics/Fundamentals of Electronics
    or Engineering Science
    or Food & Nutrition
    or Physical Science
    1 - 6

You must also fulfil the aggregate computation requirements for the ELR2B2-C Aggregate Type.

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Application Information

  • Range of Net ELR2B2 for 2021 JAE

    4 to 8
  • Planned Intake (2021)



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Diploma in Biomedical Science (N59)