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Highly skilled scientists, engineers, designers and technical staff.


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Extensive experience in providing innovative solutions and products for industries.


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Consultancy, collaborative R&D, training & courses, and industry attachments.​


We work closely with local companies through research and development to produce cutting-edge technolo​gies, services and innovative products. 

​​We also provide customised training for companies.

Technology Centres

Applied Biosciences

Applied Biosciences >​

Environmental Technology

Technology >​

Aquatic Science & Technology

Food & Sustainable
Resources >



Pro​biotics​ >​

Low-calorie Sweeteners 

Formulations​ >​


Detecting Infectious Disease using Lateral Flow Technology >

Dianogsing Diseases using DNA Chips

Diagnosing Diseases using DNA Chips >

Intensive Rooftop Farming 

Intensive Rooftop F​arming >​

Food Reformulations​ 

Reformulations >​​ ​

Aquacultre Feed Development​ 

Aquaculture Feed
Development​ >

Renewable Bioresources ​

Renewable Bioresources​ >

Smart Indoor Farming 

Smart Indoor Farming >

Testing Water Quality using Flow Cytometry 

Testing Water Quality using Flow Cytometry​ >

Membrane Technology​ 

Membrane Technology for Forward Osmosis Application, Dehumidification, Pollution Control ​>​

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Dr. Xingding Zhou​

Centre for Environmental Technology >
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