Citing Resources

Learn how to create citations correctly and give credit to the original author.


COVID-19: Positivity, Wellness, Fact and Fake​

Curated inf​o on COVID-19 Positivity, ​Wellness and tips to evaluate information to discern fact from fake.


Develop Your Potential

Bring out the best in you with tips in communication, creativity, leadership, personal management, and stress management.


Digital Literacy @ Polys

Tap on these bite-sized videos and e-learning objects about digital literacy, specially curated and/or developed by the Poly Libraries.


Digital Portfolio

Build your own digital portfolio to showcase your talents and skills.


Guide on easy access to e-Resources

This one-stop guide provides links to e-Databases, eBooks, audiobooks and videos for your convenient access.


Information Literacy and Digital Literacy Efforts

Learn about NP Library's Information Literacy and Digital Literacy programmes.


Library Digital Toolkit

Access to tailored e-resources from course modules in MeL. Includes Library’s e-resources and free resources from NLB & Publishers.



Deepen your understanding of Service-Learning and find discipline-specific resources for your own Service-Learning modules and projects.


Signature Pedagogies in the Professions

What are the habits of mind, hand, and heart that are pertinent in your profession? How do you train and develop these in your students?



Stay in the forefront of innovative & emerging technologies. Ride on the wave of technology by tapping on reso​urces about the 8 emerging skills curated for you by the Polys Libraries.


Staying Relevant

How do you stay relevant in an environment undergoing rapid transformation? What are the critical core skills that will see you through the future of work? Explore a list of learning resources to help you learn better and faster.