Lien Ying Chow Library

Print, electronic and multimedia resources - the Lien Ying Chow Library has it all under one roof to meet your personal, social, recreational and academic needs. It houses the Lifestyle Library on the entrance level (2nd level) and the Academic Library from levels 3 to 5. Wireless access to the Internet is available throughout the premises.

Come, and be enthralled by what awaits you at the Library!

Lifestyle Library

Study & entertainment under one roof with resources to meet your personal, social and recreational needs. Facilities include the Internet Cafe and Board Games Room.

Academic Library

Extensive collection of print, media and e-resources to meet your teaching, research and technology development needs. It houses the Finance Lab to develop your financial literacy skills and the Lien Ying Chow Gallery to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit.




    • The Library piloted TEMI as an unmanned service concierge robot and is exploring exploring ways to integrate TEMI deeper with backend operational workflows to further improve staff productivity.
    • As part of the Joint-Poly collaboration for unified services, NP Library is also helming the Smart Locker initiative and exploring future possibilities of RFID technologies for the Polys.


    • The Library implemented a new proxy service for off-campus access to its e-resources in replacement of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) previously in use, enabling more convenient access by library users outside of the campus.
    • The Library's catalogue was upgraded for mobile friendliness to provide an improved user experience. An improved A to Z listing of databases was also implemented with greater ease of access to new and popular databases through one interface.
    • The Library’s Digital Life@NP™ framework ,which encompasses Digital Literacy and Cyber-Wellness modules, was expanded to include Plagiarism, Copyright, Mental Wellness, Campus Wellness, and Artificial Intelligence modules. The framework was highlighted in MOE's Press Release on 4 Mar 2020.
    • Following the 5 Poly Libraries initiating the Joint-Poly Libraries Collaboration (JPL), NP Library's Digital Life@NP™ framework was embraced by JPL for Learning Services and rebranded as Digital Life@Polys™.
    • Before SafeEntry was introduced, the Library developed and put in place an in-house Contact Logging System to track library patrons for contact tracing purposes quickly and painlessly. The system worked by having patrons scan their student/staff card at the library entrance. IoT sensors were installed to detect patrons entering the library, which triggered an announcement directing them to log their visit.
    • A comprehensive Library COVID-19 CareKit was packaged and disseminated to library patr​ons upon the announcement of the Circuit Breaker, to support patrons with updated information on library loans, opening hours, and provide 24x7 online e-resources and customised curated resources (covering Mental Wellness, Positivity, Tech's Big Moments, and Discern Fact from Fake News).
    • As part of the Library's digital offerings to bring resources closer to students during HBL amid COVID-19, Library Digital Toolkits were created for all Schools with tailored e-resources relevant to the courses and embedded into the BlackBoard Learning Management System, saving students' time in finding relevant resources for their assignments and projects.
    • The Library adapted its face-to-face workshops to synchronous online training on virtual platforms to better support WFH & HBL, partnering with internal departments to deliver customised Digital Literacy workshops to researchers and new staff.
    • The Library implemented a Live Chat Virtual Library Assistant Service to provide even better online assistance to patrons during WFH & HBL.
    • The on-campus textbook sale, which is helmed by NP Library, was moved fully online in the wake of COVID-19. Students could order textbooks for their modules and have them delivered to their homes.
    • Two teams from the Library participated in DATxNP, a Data Arcade Tournament NP partnered with GovTech to organise as DAT2020's agency partner. One of the team's project on "D-Hero (Dengue Hero) in the COVID-19 pandemic" won the 2nd prize.


    • The Library's initiatives in the e-Learning packages on Digital Literacy and Cyber Wellness (part of NP Library's Digital Life@NP™ framework) were featured in the Singapore Journal of Library and Information Management 2018/2019.
    • A new cloud-based Library Services Platform (LSP) with an improved Discovery System, enhanced functionalities, workflow and analytics was launched in the AY2019 April semester.
    • An AI-powered Copyright Chatbot - “Ask Coppie” was implemented to give patrons 24x7 responses for copyright queries through an intuitive conversational experience. This is a joint-poly library initiative leveraging TP’s chatbot mechanism on IBM Watson and a pooled database of polytechnics' copyright FAQs.
    • The Library designed a one-stop digital literacy framework, named Digital Life@NP™, consisting of bite-sized e-learning package on Digital Literacy and Cyber Wellness which was rolled out to all Year 1 students from all Schools in the AY2019 April semester. The Cyber Wellness package which includes engaging animated videos (collaborated with MLC for the content) was also shared with all polytechnic students through PolyMall.
    • The Library facilitated a “Pasar LIB workshop” for the onboarding of new lecturers to the library resources under its offering of Digital Life@NP™. This is in collaboration with NP’s Center of Learning & Teaching Excellence (CLTE) under its Professional Development in Education (PDE) programme to new lecturers.
    • The Library piloted a new approach to its Digital Literacy Orientation Learning Journey to 700 HMS students using an interactive conversational user interface (developed using


    • The Library implemented new digital initiatives, such as a virtual bookshelf with seamless search and intuitive browsing of new, popular, and relevant resources, a visual map on the catalogue to help patrons identify quickly an item’s physical location, and the “Ask Library” chatbot to address 24x7 frequently asked queries.
    • The Library introduced McGraw-Hill Connect, an innovative online learning and assessment platform taught through Smart Books (Digital Course e-books), to the schools since Oct 2018. This has helped students with self-directed learning and lecturers with quality curricula materials for delivery and assessment and smart tools to assess students’ learning and performance.
    • The Library rolled out an information literacy e-learning package – “DREAMS” to all Year 1 students which is aligned to NP’s Graduate Competencies on Digital Literacy.
    • The Library launched a 2-month flagship event – “Read for Life” on 4 Jun 2018 to promote reading as a life-long learning experience amongst the NP community. It culminates with a Read for Charity event where pledges to read culminate in book donation by NLB to selected beneficiaries.
    • The Library organised “Bridging the Digital Gap” event in collaboration with industry partners and departments on 5 Apr 2018 to promote digital literacy amongst staff on emerging technologies and impact on lives which is aligned with NP’s strategic thrust on “Future Ready Campus”.
    • eReads@NP, a service offered jointly by the Library and NLB was launched on 4 July, allowing the NP community to browse and borrow e-books and audiobooks from Overdrive via a kiosk.
    • The Library was appointed as NP’s Records Management Registry, which is tasked to implement IM4L ‘Management of Public Records’ requirements and guideline for the polytechnic.


    • A Finance Lab with 12 Bloomberg workstations to access real-time financial data was opened on 16 Oct 2017.
    • Collaboration Rooms, new spaces and a Recording Pod were set up.
    • Library expanded the scope of its Information Literacy to Digital Literacy. E-Learning packages on digital literacy were integrated into Blackboard in the April 2018 semester.
    • The paper-based library visitor log was converted into an electronic form accessed via an iPad.
    • Library supports the strategic initiatives on campus through the curation of resources on Service-Learning, Signature Pedagogies for the Professions, NP's Core Competencies and Performance Conversation.


    • Library partnered with the academic schools and Office of Internships and Careers (OIC) to conduct Digital Portfolio to all students. It covers steps to create an online digital portfolio and showcase it on LinkedIn or Weebly. The teaching is supported by a Digital Portfolio website created by Library.
    • In support of NLB's National Reading Movement, Library has organised a Library Book Fair, e-Resources Day, Avid Readers Contest, Spot-A-Reader Activity and Book Sharing competition.
    • Tamil Studies Collection was added to support the new Diploma in Tamil Studies with Early Education commencing in AY2017/2018.
    • The ALEPH Library Management System and PRIMO Discovery System were upgraded.
    • Library spaces at Level 2 were redesigned to collaboration rooms equipped with writable wall, writable table and projector.


    • The Library's Room Booking System was enhanced to confirm and notify users on their bookings through emails. This eliminates the need to print hard copy booking slips.
    • A Virtual Server Infrastructure was installed in the Library. The benefits from this initiative include savings in total cost of ownership, reduction of administrative overheads, improvement in the system uptime and enhancements in scalability, allowing Library to respond to new initiatives/requirements without the constraint of hardware availability.
    • Three blended learning approaches (E-Learning, Experiential Learning and Collaborative Learning) were implemented to promote library resources and engage students' learning.
    • A Copyright e-Notation stamp was created.


    • Library Interactive Guide on touchscreen monitors was implemented and made available on every floor. The objective is to enable users to navigate their way around the Library easily by finding location of facilities, services, books on subjects of interest and information posters. It provides the location on the map with shelf no, picture and description of the facility/service.
    • eGames on two interactive tables were added in the Board Games Zone to expand the scope of board games.
    • A Library Orientation courseware which replaces face-to-face teaching was rolled out on Blackboard to all first year students. It covers a storyboard on Library's facilities, resources and services and use of Library's OPAC and databases.
    • The library app was upgraded to support Android phones.
    • A Media Station was set up to promote the use of ebooks, audiobooks and videoclips on the Overdrive platform. Users can browse, sample and borrow any e-resource of interest.


    • An Interactive Cube with two Huemi Interactive Multi-touch stations was set up. The stations are installed with educational games and applications to enable students to concurrently interact, engage, collaborate and have fun.
    • A Smart Cube was set up with four Smart TVs to allow users to connect to digital contents from Internet TV, online apps, social networking sites and other interactive experience.
    • A Magazine/Journal Tab has been added to the Library OPAC to provide additional access points for users to locate different formats of magazines and journals -- print magazines, e-magazines, print journals and e-journals.
    • Library app was enhanced in April to support iPad and iPod Touch.


    • Library co-ordinated the NP Online Bookshop project with our collaborative partner, UBS Library Services Pte Ltd. The objective is to facilitate students' purchase of textbooks at the best possible discounts. It is also a platform for the purchase all general, leisure reading titles at discounts only applicable to NP students, staff and alumni. The Bookshop comes on-campus twice a year at the commencement of the semesters for immediate sale of textbooks to students.
    • Library iPhone app (version 2) was launched in December.
    • PRIMO Central which provides one stop access to articles was implemented on 16 April. It provides a wider scope of resources for searching.
    • SFX Total Care (Software as a Service, SaaS) which provides a one stop access to e-journals was implemented on 16 April.
    • Library Orientation Online courseware implemented on 17 April.
    • Copyright Online Management System upgraded to the Microsoft SharePoint platform in October.
    • iPads were rolled out at the Internet Cafe on 2 August for students to access a variety of NP's in-house developed apps and other apps.
    • Library Interest Group named "Library Champs" was formed in May.


    • Library on Twitter was launched on 3 Jan. This social networking platform complements the Library's Facebook which is popular with students. The objective is to create a presence on the popular social networking platform where students congregate, to draw their attention to new titles, popular tites and other library announcements.


    • Online Discussion Room booking system with enhanced features was developed with ASP.Net framework and implemented with effect from 18 Jan.
    • Library on Facebook was launched on 10 Feb.
    • The Library implemented ALEPH Integrated Library Management System and PRIMO Discovery System on 17 Sep. The new Discovery system provides users with Google like searching features and Web 2.0 technologies.
    • NP Library application on iPhone was approved by Apple as a free app on iTunes on 7 Sep. It includes OPAC search; Room booking; check Library account; access to NP exam papers and a facilities location map feature.


    • MetaLib federated search engine was implemented in March to replace WebFeat.
    • The Library Homepage was revamped to facilitate access to resources.
    • Library entrance redesign.


    • First Library to set-up a Wealth Creation InfoCentre with the objective of promoting financial literacy.
    • First tertiary library to implement a hassle-free Booksharing@NP at OurSpace@72 with the objective of promoting learning community through encouraging the reading habit.
    • EzProxy on all subscribed databases accessible from the Library Homepage was implemented.
    • Library security service was outsourced.
    • A new online Discussion Room booking system was implemented.


    • RFID self-service issue was implemented on CDs/DVDs/VCDs and Feature Films Collection in Lifestyle Library.
    • Implemented RFID returns on CDs/DVDs/VCDs.
    • First local Library to set up Board Games Zone in Lifestyle Library.
    • Opening of Lien Ying Chow Gallery.
    • eAttendance Register System implemented.


    • Newspaper Reading Corner was set up. This was sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings and Singapore Press Foundation.
    • Upgraded Spydus Library Management System from version 6.2.4 to version 8.2.
    • NP-LIME Corner set up in Lifestyle Library, with bean bags and magazines sponsored by MediaCorp.
    • Donation of RMB50,000 worth of resources by Zhejiang University City College (ZUCC) to support the Chinese Studies Diploma and Mass Media studies.


    • Information Skills was infused into School of Engineering's curriculum under the newmodule "Engineering - A Creative Profession".
    • Discussion Room Booking system was developed in-house on Lotus Notes.
    • Implemented WebFeat federated search engine.
    • Career and Further Education Resource Corner set up.
    • Introduced "Ask A Librarian" service.
    • Readers' Choice was enhanced to Weblog to encourage interaction and exchange of ideas.


    • Refurbishment of Academic Library completed. Highlights include 38 Discussion Rooms created (formerly 4 Rooms). Closed Stacks was also set up.
    • Chinese Studies Collection was set up to support Diploma in Chinese Studies.
    • Readers' Choice on Weblog started.


    • Friends of Ngee Ann were given extended usage of Library.
    • Library services such as borrower's record, reservation, outstanding fines and renewal of items were made available via use of any WAP 1.1 compatible handphone.
    • Quality Resource Centre integrated into Main Library.
    • Two ePayment kiosks were installed for cashless payment of Library/other charges.
    • Copyright Online Database was developed.
    • Collection Development and e-Requisition Database developed on Lotus Notes.
    • Digital Media Repository was launched, providing Intranet access to royalty free multimedia elements.
    • Library website was revamped.


    • Training of lecturers in integrating library resources into their courseware on Blackboard Learning Management System.


    • The first tertiary library to set up Lifestyle Library.
    • First local Library to implement 3M self service RFID returns with automated sorting of returned items.
    • Research Skills for new students incorporated into module "Communication Skills" of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies' curriculum.


    • Web OPAC implemented.
    • Alumni Membership was introduced.


    • Self-service loans for videos implemented.
    • URICA Library System upgraded from version 5.1b to 6.2.4.
    • Wireless LAN implemented throughout Library.
    • NP Exam Papers Database was launched.


    • Wireless LAN was implemented on Library Level 4.


    • Relocation of Media Centre within Main Library.
    • Multimedia Animation Resource Collection was created.
    • Building up of the Award Winning Collection, comprising works from the media industry and product design.
    • Fiction Collection was reorganised to an author approach.
    • 6-digit PIN security feature implemented to maximize circulation transaction security.


    • Library System was upgraded from version 5.1 to 5.1b. Internet accessibility to OPAC enabled.


    • Library upgraded the Library System to URICA 5.1 Library System.
    • NP-SQI Quality Resource Centre was opened.
    • Three units of 3M self-service issue terminals were implemented.
    • Internet Workshops were conducted for general public.
    • International Business Collection was created.


    • First tertiary institution locally to implement Library Home Page on the Web.


    • Migrated from Checkpoint to 3M Library Detection System.


    • French, German, Japanese and Chinese books and media Collection were introduced.
    • Classical music CDs Collection were introduced.


    • Leisure Reading Selection programme introduced to encourage students to read widely and beyond their texts.


    • Information Assistant Scheme implemented.


    • Individual and Corporate Membership Schemes introduced.


    • Library took on responsibility over all copyright matters. CD-ROM databases introduced.


    • OPAC was launched. First Library to implement a fully integrated library system.


    • Contract signed for purchase of URICA/MICRODATA Integrated Library System.
    • Microcomputer Resource facility was set up.
  •  .


    • First library in ASEAN region to implement an in-house developed Online Circulation Control system.


    • First tertiary library to set up a Audio Resource Centre.