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Award recipient Yoko Hirata-​​Teaching is like planting seeds. As teachers, we are like gardeners. I try to plant the seeds for learners as it takes time for students to grow. It is important to watch over students patiently to sustain their interest and support their learning. If some students lose their confidence in learning, I try different approaches, similar to changing the fertilizer type suitable for different plants. I bring relevant examples to my lessons and connect to students​ to improve their learning motivation.

Award recipient Kevin Jeandin Livet- When I teach Design Thinking or French, I focus on 3 fundamental elements to make classes fun, engaging and relevant. Engaging students is fairly easy if we know our audience. Understanding NP students' concerns and goals is the key to successful learning experiences. How do we make classes relevant? I consider 'What are students' main takeaways?' Students have fun during learning ​as they sharpen their curiosity and find relevance in acquired skills.

Award recipient Ng Sue Chia- Learning is a journey which both students and tutors embark on together. It requires us to put on our multi-disciplinary lenses and, whenever possible, to switch roles. Only then could we begin to understand society and become active learners.I strongly believe that we are co-learners and fellow-explorers on this journey-of-learning. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing that my students have helped communities in need.​

Award recipient Hazel Tam Yee Tak-It is a joy for me to engage a wide spectrum of NP students, be it teaching in classroom, or organizing events. As an educator, I remind myself to stay away from being the mouthpiece or voice recorder of lesson notes in order to facilitate effective teaching and learning. It is important to guide my students to appreciate the values and meaning behind their subjects. I feel rewarded when my students show they are further motivated to challenge themselves with my support.

Award recipient Gertrude Tan Yam Hua- ​My teaching philosophy is quite simple. I try to stretch and develop my students' critical thinking abilities and broaden their perspectives. Where possible, I help them to a​nalyze complex issues through a variety of clear, simple and accessible methods. Overall, I strive to keep everything real, authentic and relevant for my students in their learning journeys​​

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