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Kaleidoscope of Colours - Foreign Languages Carnival

The Foreign Languages Carnival celebrations featured a colourful kaleidoscope of booths showcasing French, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin cultures alongside displays for National Day Celebrations. The interesting exhibits from the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) aim to enhance cultural awareness through (IS) foreign language modules and highlight cultural immersion in a globalised world.

At the Japanese booth, the greeting 'Konichiwa' (which means 'hello') welcomed visitors to a dazzling display of puzzles and origami crafts. Visitors were engaged in the intricate art of Japanese calligraphic writing for names translation to 'katakana' characters. Joei Wong, an Accountacy student intrigued by Japanese culture, said "I hope to learn more about the intricate details of the Japanese tea ceremony." Students donned 'Hapi' traditional costumes commonly found in Japanese drum performances and festive celebrations.

Colours1-Japan1.jpg Colours2-Japan2.jpg

Say 'Bonjour' for 'Hello' in French. Students had a taste of French culinary delights through food samplings of the savoury 'baguette' and its irresistible crisp crust. On display were five traditional French cheeses- made of unpasteurized cow's milk, goat's milk and ewe's milk. Roquefort, one of the most famous French blue cheese, was one of the highlights. Bon Appétit!. Student Elly Fitrah, from Clean Energy Management, quipped, "Although some might find the smell of blue cheese too strong for their liking, I am drawn to its sharp and salty flavour." The exquisiteness of French art appealed to Nurul Mas Syaqilah, from Child Psychology & Early Education, who admires and tries to reproduce the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet.

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The Korean corner enabled fans to receive personalised names translated in Korean characters for souvenirs. Student Esther Tan Xin Yi,from Accountancy, who went on a recent overseas immersion to Seoul's Ewha Women's University and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) shared that "learning Korean is important as I wish to work for Korean companies."

For Chinese cultural immersion, a colourful array of delectable festive delicacies were on display. Students learned about the culinary heritage of customary Chinese celebrations and gained awareness of the cultural significance of traditional Chinese games.

Colours7-NDP.jpg          Colours8-NDP.jpg

Over 50 tote bags were distributed at NP Atrium with colourful motifs designed by students from 7SKIN (Fashion & Design: The Singapore Skin), an IS module. The designs were conceptualised under the tutelage of Ms Tang Wai Wah who painstakingly silk-screen printed the bags. The collection featured thematic designs of architecture, food and tourist attractions.

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