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Interdisciplinary Studies

Broadening Perspectives, Challenging Boundaries

Broadening Perspectives,
Challenging Boundaries



NP’s broad-based curriculum preps you to take on complex real-world issues. On top of your core discipline modules, you get to pick from over 60 ​interdisciplinary electives covering diverse areas such as communication, entrepreneurship, life skills, media, the arts, science and technology.

These electives are offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) and account for up to 18 hours of your curriculum. IS works with other academic schools in NP to conduct the interdisciplinary modules. It does not offer any diplomas.


You can explore areas outside your chosen course of study and learn to adapt, innovate, and communicate effectively in an ever-changing social and work environment.

Say, you are a Business student and you can take an IS module on the exciting world of biotechnology.

Interdisciplinary Modules

As part of your learning, you will take both your course modules and interdisciplinary modules. The interdisciplinary modules take place during your class time and count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Some of the interdisciplinary modules include:

Sports and Wellness, Critical Thinking & Communication, Cultural Intelligence @ Work, Exploring Contemporary Issues: Business & Society, and World Issues: A Singapore Perspective.

In your 1st year, you take some prescribed modules in communication skills, innovation, creativity, critical thinking​ and sports & wellness.

During your 2nd year and 3rd year, in addition to a few prescribed modules on cultural intelligence or contemporary issues, you can choose from over 65 electives to suit your interests.

In your 3rd year, you will take a prescribed module 'World Issues: A Singapore Perspective .

Elective Modules Sample List

Arts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities

Advertising: Ideas that sell

Decoding Society Through Film

Effective Negotiation

and more…



Introduction to Services Marketing

Insight into the Tourism Industry

Investing in the Stock Market

and more…



Graphic Design: The Art of Visual Communication

Basic Interior Design for Commercial Spaces Basic Story Board Design

and more…

Science & Technology

Science & Technology

The World of Aerospace

The Fragrance Industry: Science of Smell

Traditional Chinese Medicine

and more…




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Diploma Plus

Stand out from the rest with an additional certificate on top of your diploma.

Certificate in China Readiness

Designed to increase your competitiveness and prepare you for opportunities in China’s growth story. Endorsed by non-profit organisation Business China.

Certificate in Business

Non-business students can learn how a business works, and get a head start when pursuing a business degree.

Certificate in Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Learn GCE A-Levels mathematics to prepare for university admission.

Certificates in Foreign Languages

Acquire internationally-recognised qualifications in French, Japanese, Korean, German or Mandarin.

Flagship Events

Arts & Humanities

​​Maths Challenge​

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Heroes Seminar

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China Readiness

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Science & Technology

Foreign Language Carnival

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Science & Technology

Workshop: Back to Work

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