Year 3

Year 3 IS Modules

for AY2018 and earlier​ cohorts

As you’re preparing to carve a niche in the working world or move to the next level in learning, there is nothing like a host of mind-expanding modules to give you that extra edge. Check out these exciting electives in Arts and Humanities, Business, Science and Technology, and Design.

Year 3: Prescribed Modules

World Issues: A Singapore Perspective

You've heard it & you've been told- the world is changing rapidly at a pace that dazzles the mind. Not merely a history lesson, WISP equips you with an understanding of current global issues. It looks at how Singapore, as a city-state, defied the odds and witnessed more than half a century of rapid economic growth, strong political stability and social harmony. Current WISP curriculum encompasses issues under the broad topics of Sustainability, Sovereignty and Society which are integrated for further academic discourse and inquiry in the classrooms. WISP students are challenged in critical thinking and analysis as they embark on a journey beyond knowledge, where students are immersed in experiential learning activities such as the flagship Heroes Seminar event, ​Forum Theatre for WISP as well as dialogue sessions with government leaders .

Year 3: Electives Modules

As you’re preparing to carve a niche in the working world or move to the next level in learning, there is nothing like a host of mind-expanding modules to give you that extra edge. Check out these exciting electives in Arts and Humanities, Business, Science and Technology, and Design.


Driven by globalisation, today's business environment is changing at a dizzying pace and throwing up many challenges to professionals. These modules help you develop the skills needed to thrive in this environment.

Arts and Humanities

Level 3 Arts and Humanities modules focus on organisational contexts while developing skills through face-to-face interactions, project presentations and learning activities. All these prepare you for the transition from school to society.

Advertising: Ideas that sell

Ever wondered what goes into a sleek, creative and utterly persuasive advertisement? Wonder no more. This module gives you a glimpse into the exciting world of advertising and the fascinating processes that lead to the creation of a successful advertising campaign. You will try your hand at what advertising professionals do best: getting into the head of the consumer, crafting a strategic message, thinking of a creative concept, putting it to paper and finally selling it to the client. And of course, you will get the chance to appreciate and analyse some of the most creative advertisements in the world. At the end of the module, you’ll not only have a better understanding of the communication industry but become a better communicator yourself. What are you waiting for? Enrol now!

Decoding Society Through Film

Calling all movie buffs! Do you enjoy watching films and thinking about the deeper meaning behind them? What do movies have to say about our society and the way we live? What has reel life got to do with real life? This module is an introduction to film and cultural studies, where you get to play the roles of a visual detective and social scientist to investigate the hidden meaning in films. By watching films from different genres and cultures, you will explore some challenging questions which films raise about society, and learn how movie directors communicate their ideas through the visual form. This module will be taught through film screenings and seminar discussions. Students will be assessed through a portfolio of journal reflections, a group research presentation and a critical essay on a film of their choice.

Effective Negotiation

You negotiate all the time. You do it at home, while shopping and at work. For some, this is easy, but for others, negotiation is a source of conflict to be resisted and avoided. Knowing the art of negotiation enables you to influence the negotiation process, steering it towards your goals. Experiential and interactive activities help you acquire negotiation skills to shape the entire negotiation process and turn objections into opportunities.

Events Communication

In this module, you will learn how to develop events-management proposals, including communication media plans and working timelines for organising events. There will be opportunities for experiential learning through class excursions and major events. The process of writing proposals for events will help you develop creative conceptualisation and bring together design elements to support your event, including strategising media communication.

Food and Culture

Food provides a window into our lives. How and when we eat, what we eat, and where and with whom we eat, all reflect who we are, where we come from, and what we believe in. This module is an exploration into the cultural dimensions of food. You will discover how food and culture are inter-related and how the way we prepare and consume our food affects our lives both nutritionally and socially, across boundaries of time and place, throughout many cultures and traditions.

Human Communication

Successful communication starts with oneself. From an understanding of self and inner speech, this module allows you to better understand communication patterns in interpersonal, family, group and organisational contexts. The teaching and learning approach in this module is experiential and encourages participation in activities, games, role play and case studies. The aim is to enable you to acquire interpersonal and communication skills that will help you be successful in your personal and professional life.

Mind Quest For Excellence

Have you ever wondered why some people seemed to be natural-achievers? Are you thinking about ways to improve yourself to accomplish greater outcomes? Do you wonder why some people are more difficult to work with, and would you like to improve your relationships with them? Are you keen to learn more about your personality?

Based on the premise of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - the Psychology of Excellence and the Technology of Achievement, this module brings you on a learning journey that enables you to have a better appreciation of how our mind and language influence our behaviour. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself, in relation to the people around you. Through experiential learning, you will also acquire the techniques to build rapport and communicate better with others. More importantly, you will learn the skills to help you reprogramme your mind and behaviour to attain exceptional results in your lives.

Here are some testimonials from our past students:

“I feel I’ll be able to better communicate and understand people.” Gowri DO Kanagarajah
“Through NLP you can motivate yourself and others easily …as you will understand yourself and others more.” Owen Quek
“NLP helps to distinguish my habits, and through it, I am able to eliminate the obstructive ones in my life.” Chee Jia Tong
“These NLP concepts that I have applied (Anchoring and Presuppositions) have given me knowledge on things that I did not realize before. I learnt more about how my mind works and how it can help me quit smoking” Firdaus Hashim

Ethical Dilemmas

Is the death penalty ever fair? Are we justified in eating animals? Does a human embryo have rights? What makes right or wrong, and why should we act ethically anyway? Ever so often, it’s difficult to make the right choice. In this module, you will use your moral compass to navigate the real world of ethical choices. You will hone your skills of reasoning, argument and decision-making as we explore ethical issues from school, work, home and beyond.

Personal Fitness Management

This module aims to develop an interest in healthy living and is intended to enhance student’s knowledge and understanding of personal fitness and training. At the end of this module, students should be able to improve their current health and fitness levels as well as design and implement basic fitness regimes and programs for individual and / or groups. Through active participation and practical training via individual assessments and group work, students will be exposed to the fundamentals of health and fitness assessment, general nutrition concepts, exercise prescription, fitness conditioning and execution of proper exercise techniques. Potential students are advised to be physically fit for the NAPFA/IPPT test at the end of the semester which is one of the graded components.


Learn about the impact of scale, colour, texture and space in the process of creating something functional and artistically pleasing. You will be guided by experts to understand the principles of design while you experience creating your own masterpiece.

Graphic Design: The Art of Visual Communication

Graphic Design is the creative planning and execution of visual communication. This module will help you understand basic design theory concepts, and learn design skills through creative activities and projects. You'll be given the opportunity to apply these design skills through the creation of impactful designs to convey information to a target audience. You'll also learn other relevant skills such as basic drawing and layout design.

Basic Story Board Design

Stories are important because they are entertaining and they attract attention to messages. Now you can learn about crafting your very own stories and understanding its impact. You will also learn to use creative camera shots to bring across emotions and drama (just like Peter Jackson or Jack Neo), visualise scenes in your mind and learn some drawing skills and appreciate artwork at the same time.

Students do not require a strong background in IT or drawing as tutors will facilitate the process of building a story board.

Science and Technology

Every day, we see huge advances in science and technology that have huge implications for the world around us. To help you keep pace with these changes and understand their impact, choose a module from Science and Technology.

The World of Aerospace

This module highlights the development of the aerospace industry in Singapore and its future prospects and challenges. You will gain a broad perspective of the fundamental applications of aerospace technology, with emphasis on the local aerospace industry and its related socio-economic issues. You will also learn the basic principles of flight, appreciate the fundamentals of aircraft systems and understand how aviation regulators around the world make flying the safest mode of travel.

Mobile Robotics

Want to create and show off a simple robot that you can build in a snap? Learn how to use LEGO construction sets and programming software to build and programme a robot in a fun and entertaining way. This exciting module covers the fundamental concepts and components of a simple autonomous navigating robot, the hardware elements, construction techniques and the software control for movement to follow a path. At the end of this module, you are required to build and programme an autonomous robot with the necessary features to accomplish an assigned task. Please take note: Students who wish to study this module should have a laptop with Mac or Windows OS. The laptop should be equipped with a built-in or external CD drive to install the Mindstorms NXT software for programming purposes.

The Fragrance Industry: Science of Smell

This module gives you an overview of the fragrance industry and how perfumes are classified, described, made, and the end products they are put in. There will be lots of hands-on experiences through class activities, such as evaluating actual consumer products and perfume blending. You'll be equipped with analytical, conceptual and evaluative skills to better understand fragrances and their applications. Be ready to nose around!

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is increasingly recognized as an alternative or complementary medicine that combines natural herbal diets and therapies to promote a holistic lifestyle and healing. This module equips students with the basic knowledge and skills of TCM approaches to personal healthy living. Students will learn how the concepts and approaches of TCM apply to personal well-being through workshops and other experiential learning methods.

Year 3 Modules for AY2019 students​

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