Year 3

Year 3 IS Modules

Year   3 IS   modules give    you   that  extra  edge  as   you’re  preparing  to   carve a   niche in  the  professional  working  world and  advance  in  your  next  level   of   life-long    learning.

Year 3: Prescribed Modules

Project ID: Connecting the Dots

Project ID aims to prepare you for an increasingly globalized and interconnected world where problems are multi-faceted and require interdisciplinary research and collaboration to solve. Using a project-based learning approach, you will have the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team with students from across the polytechnic to investigate and propose comprehensive recommendations for a pressing real-world problem affecting Singapore. You will be guided to step out of your disciplinary silos and effectively communicate and collaborate with peers from different backgrounds. The module seeks to develop independent learning skills and the ability to synthesize diverse strands of knowledge to solve a complex problem, while impressing on you the importance of being a responsible global citizen

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