Year 1

Year 1 IS Modules

for  AY2018  and  earlier  cohorts

Level 1 IS prescribed modules aim to develop communication skills, enhance creativity and critical thinking about community issues.

Sports and Wellness

This module gives you an opportunity to be active, keep fit and stay healthy through basic sports skill acquisition. It also aims to enhance your social and psychological well-being through a variety of sports electives while taking you through the process of character development, choice and decision making.

Innovation Toolkit

At the core of every discipline, be it IT, Business, Engineering, Media, Design or Science, what's most important is improving the experiences of end users.

​​I​nnovation Toolkit is designed to help you develop the innovative mindset and creative confidence to complement the core competencies in your diploma. You will learn to spot opportunities through a user-centric approach and be challenged to generate groundbreaking ideas to add value to the lives of users.

Communication & Contemporary Issues

Many people fear public speaking more than heights or even death. This module helps you pick up skills to express yourself confidently and effectively, both orally and in writing. At the same time, you will develop a greater awareness of self in relation to society by exploring a wide range of contemporary and community issues ranging from consumer culture to racial prejudice and global citizenry.

English Language & Contemporary Issues

This module aims to help you develop communicative competence and language proficiency. Through exposing you to a wide range of contemporary issues, reading and discussion, you will learn techniques to express yourself coherently, and develop a critical understanding of contemporary issues. You will also be taught to recognise and avoid common grammatical errors and to write accurately and effectively to suit purpose, audience and context.

Critical Thinking & Communication

This module provides you with the foundation to structure scientific and technical reports. You will acquire the skills to describe the current state of knowledge, articulate research aims, support claims and present findings. Through reading, discussing and debating a wide range of contemporary issues, you will develop an awareness of self in relation to society and learn to express yourself coherently, both orally and in writing.

General English

If you are an international student who needs help with spoken and written English, this module is for you. You will build confidence in spoken English and be equipped with basic writing skills to support your studies. You’ll also have the chance to think critically about social issues in Singapore, exchange views and practise your use of the language in class.

Exploring Contemporary Issues

To be a media professional par excellence, you will need a good grasp and analysis of issues that affect the way societies behave and interact. Do stigmas still exist? Why do some communities actively defend the need to preserve culture? Be prepared to be overwhelmed with a kaleidoscope of discussion topics, thought provoking movies and field trips as we hone your skill to think critically and beyond what is conventional. Avoid the frog-in-the-well syndrome as we re-examine social norms and form new perspective of issues that touch the heart of societies.

Year 1 Modules for AY2019 students​​

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