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Award recipient Chan-Ko Tzu Yun--Throughout my teaching career, I always uphold three guiding principles with my students. First and foremost is the care that we show to students. This will encourage a reciprocal reaction from students, thus forging a strong bond between lecturer and students. Second are the concepts which we impart to students. With a strong relationship between the lecturer and students, learning would be a joy and it sparks a two-way exchange of knowledge which promotes innovations and ideas. Finally, we should also inculcate social values in our students as part of their character building. With all these values it makes their learning journey more fulfilling and holistic.

Award recipient Chloe Eom Chan Mi--Enthusiasm is one of the important motivational factors. To make the classes more engaging and fun, Im always willing to explore various methods for teaching language and try new things. I feel that the more I show my passion for my teaching, the more interested students are in learning. They are also more motivated to participate. Having good rapport with students is critical for interactive and lively lessons. I devote time for good relationships with my students. This can help me to understand what they wish to learn. With these, I can help to enlarge each student's fundamental concept of the language and also broaden their knowledge of foreign cultures with global perspectives.

Award recipient Karen Tan--I teach math and I love it that this subject brings infinite surprises. Many of our NP students enjoy math just as much. However, there are times when my connection with math does not run parallel to the instincts of some of my learners. It is important for me as an educator to differentiate the delivery of learning according to my learners' objectives, preferences and pace. I integrate numerous teaching strategies and methodologies to create exciting learning experiences. I have learnt to make room for errors, respect the learner and reveal the elegance of mathematics. I'm not yet the best math teacher but if I practice enough, I might get there someday.

Award recipient ​Michelle Toh--I find it really exciting and challenging to be teaching in this age of digital tools and digital natives. We have so many tools available to bring education to the next level. At the same time, we also face more challenges engaging digital natives in the classroom. My teaching philosophy is to make lessons experiential as far as possible so that students can encounter the dynamism of real-world challenges, have fun learning about them in a safe environment and see the relevance of what they are learning.

Award recipient Aaron Micah Vogt--​Aside from the assumed expertise that a teacher is expected to have, effective teaching relies heavily on implicit cues that students invariably pick up on. If a teacher does not seem enthusiastic about what they are teaching, it will be very difficult for the students to find their own enthusiasm in the subject. This is especially important when the student is at a point in their life when they are just beginning to be exposed to subjects that they might not have been aware of previously.Good teachers who demonstrate their love of the subject can inspire students to look at it from fresh perspectives.​

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