Diploma in

Community Development


This course is merged between Business & Social Enterprise and Psychology Studies to widen the career options for graduates in both non-profit and profit sectors.



Work with Purpose

Get ready for a meaningful career as you learn about human behaviour, discover social and community needs, and create quality solutions to help, serve and empower communities.


Hands-on Training

Consolidate your learning through your capstone project while undergoing an industry-based practicum, as well as a six-month internship at a social service organization, social enterprise, or a company with a focus on corporate social responsibility.


Industry Recognition

​Endorsed by the National Council of Social Services, Youth Corps Singapore, AMKFSC Community Services, REACH Community Services, and the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE).​


year 01

Learn about human behaviour and the different segments of the community, as well as the principles of social innovation and business development.

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year 02

Further your knowledge in managing individual casework, group facilitation, project and volunteer management, advocacy and marketing strategies for different organisations.

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year 03

Collaborate on a capstone project while undergoing a practicum, and put your skills and knowledge to the test during a six-month internship.

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Community Development (N11)

Range of Net ELR2B2 for 2019 JAE

Planned Intake (2019​)

Entry Requirem​ents


Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements or equivalent in the GCE “O” Level Examination:

  • Subject‘O’ LEVEL GRADE
  • English Language1 - 6
  • Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)1 - 6
  • Any three other subjects 1 - 6

To be eligible for selection, applicants must also have sat for one subject listed in the 1st group of relevant subjects and another different subject listed in the 2nd group of relevant subjects for the ELR2B2-A Aggregate Type.







For Students with Other Qualifications

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