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Humanities & Social Sciences

Think ​People

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Human-centric diplomas for the big-hearted, from early childhood education to community building, cultivating compassion an​d connecting people

Be part of the big HMS family where you get to work on cross diploma community projects through initiatives such as The Living Community

Champion social causes and raise awareness through creative content in arts events, exhibitions, and trending social media platforms

Access a wide range of scholarships such as the MOE Teacher Training Scheme, ECDA Training Awards, MOE Kindergarten Teaching Awards & SPH Scholarships


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School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Think People.

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HMS) is a market leader in providing practical training in the fields of arts and social sciences at the polytechnic level in Singapore. HMS pioneered a range of popular diplomas, from its most established programme, the Diploma in Early Childhood Education to the newest Diploma in Community Development.

We aim to develop young changemakers who are passionate about building a better community through advocacy, education and culture, by opening doors to diverse disciplines in humanities and social sciences.

Through our rigorous and innovative curriculum, you will be given varied opportunities to get hands-on practice by working on projects, go on field trips, internships and overseas programmes. There is also a Service-Learning component in every diploma to make learning more engaging and purposeful.​