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Frequently Asked Questions​

Official photographers will be present to take photographs of every graduand at the graduation ceremony. Each graduand will have 2 shots taken, one in full length and another in close up frontal shot.

A photo order voucher will be handed to all graduands as they proceed to the diploma collection area after receiving their certificate folder on-stage. This voucher allows you to place an order for two 5R photo and its soft copies at $1.50. Graduands should follow the instructions given to place orders for their photos from the official photographer after the graduation ceremony. Graduands who have placed their orders will receive the photos via post 3-4 weeks after the graduation ceremony.

All graduation photos are available for preview and order at www.npgraduation2021.com and you may email to photo@npgraduation2021.com for related queries.​​

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Graduation marks the point where you culminate your journey in NP to the next important phase of your lives.
We hope that you will find the celebrations enjoyable.​

Meanwhile, if you have any enquiries on graduation matters, you can email us:

Graduation attire: rtcsasia@gmail.com
Graduation photos:​ ​danny@gdzshoppe.com
For other enquiries on Graduation: ​graduation@np.edu.sg

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