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Graduates Giving

Do your part in supporting the future generations of NP students by contributing to the NP Student Aid Fund. Set up by NP and supported by several endowment funds from philanthropic individuals, organisations and foundations, it provides top-up grants to eligible students to help them defray their educational expenses.

For every dollar given towards NP Student Aid Fund, it will make a lasting impact on the lives of our students. Every year, 6000 students need financial assistance in their poly education journey. 

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Graduation marks the point where you culminate your journey in NP to the next important phase of your lives.
We hope that you will find the celebrations enjoyable.​

Meanwhile, if you have any enquiries on graduation matters, you can email us:

Graduation attire: info@achieversplus.com.sg
Graduation photos:​ ​danny@gdzshoppe.com
For other enquiries on Graduation: ​graduation@np.edu.sg

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