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Diploma in

Mass Communication



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Most Established Media Course

Largest network of successful alumni in the media.

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Real-World Exposure

Work with real clients, locally and overseas.

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A World of Our Own

Intern with Singapore’s first student-run media conglomerate.

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Bright Careers

In journalism, radio and TV production, advertising and public relations, social media, marketing communications, and more.

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Degrees Ahead

Credit exemption for related degrees.


Year 01

Learn how to write for the creative industries and master the fundamentals in digital media production. Shoot photographs, film on set with your crew, and produce your own radio show. Strengthen your effectiveness as a communicator through lessons in persuasive and visual communication.

For a complete listing and description of the modules, click here

Year 02

Delve further into news and feature writing, user experience design, studio production and more. You will also take on marketing and media research to arm yourself with data analytical skills.

For a complete listing and description of the modules, click here

Year 03

Apply and integrate the media skills you have acquired over the last two years to handle, in a team, a very substantial capstone project involving one or more external clients. You will also take the Media Entrepreneurship module to equip you to start your own media business.

For a complete listing and description of the modules, ​ click here

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Mass Communication (N67)

For Students with O-Levels

Range of Net ELR2B2 for 2019 JAE
4 to ​10

Planned Intake (2019​)

Entry Requirements


To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have the following GCE O-Level examination (or equivalent) results.

  • Subject O-LEVEL GRADE
  • English Language as a First Language1 - 4
  • Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)1 - 7
  • Any three other subjects1 - 6

You must also fulfil the aggregate computation requirements.

You must also fulfil the aggregate computation requirements for the ELR2B2-A aggregate type ​listed here







For Students with Other Qualifications

Click here to find out more on entry requirements and admissions exercise periods for qualifications such as N(A)-Level, A-Level, ITE, IP, IB and more.​​