Enrolling at NP

Confirm Course Acceptance, Complete Course Registration and Upload Photo

To make sure your place is secured, you need to accept your offer by the deadline. At NP, you accept your offer and complete your course registration, using My Enrolment

How and where do I accept?

To accept your offer, you need:

  1. A PC or mobile device with Internet access
  2. Your User ID and Password, as stated in the ‘Acceptance of offer’ letter
  3. Necessary information to provide during course registration

Go to My Enrolment and login with your User ID and Password.

When can I accept offer and complete the course registration?

You must accept your offer by the course registration deadline stated on your Acceptance of offer letter.

What do I do after completing the course registration?

1. Upload Photograph

You are required to upload a photograph that will be used to produce your Student Card through My Enrolment. If you have applied for a Tertiary Student EZ-Link card, the same photo will be used to produce the card.

2. Complete COVID-19 Vaccination Status Declaration Form

You are required to complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Status Declaration form through  My Enrolment  and  upload  the following:

  • your vaccination  certificate  retrieved from HealthHub Portal or  mobile app (App Store  or Google Play)  using Singpass; OR
  • acceptable proof from  your national systems if ​your certificate is issued in other countries

If you are a recovered COVID-19 patient in the last 180 days, you are also required to upload the following:

  • Ministry of Health's (MOH) discharge  memo; OR
  • recovery memo issued by  GPs and  polyclinics

3. Submit Application for GIRO Deduction and GIRO Direct Credit Application

You are also required to submit an Application for GIRO Deduction and GIRO Direct Credit Application through My Enrolment.
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What do I require to complete the registration?

To complete the course registration, depending on the course offer that you will be accepting, you need to follow and complete at least 6 sections. The sections are as follows:

Course Offer and AcceptanceSelect the course offer to accept
Section 1
Personal Particulars
Check your personal data (name; national ID, citizenship, race, date of birth, country of birth)
Section 2
Contact and Mailing Information
Verify and update your contact details and addresses (home & mailing)
Section 3
Other Information
​Provide the following details:
  • National Service Status
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Household details
  • Secondary / Pre-University Education details
Section 4
Family Particulars
Provide details of your Parents, Guardian,  Emergency Contact and Contact Person for Fee Matters.

  • Name
  • NRIC / Passport Number
  • Occupation
  • Email Address
  • Singapore Contact Details
  • Address in Singapore
Section 5
SEN and Health Declaration
  • Declare your COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Declare your health status.
  • Provide details of conditions, if any.
  • Submit request for assistance / support.
Section 6
English Language Requirement (for selected courses only)
Read information on English Language Requirement
Section 7
Tuition Grant Eligibility
  • Determine your eligibility by declaring your previous pre-university details.
  • Decide on opting in/out for Tuition Grant Subsidy for Singapore PRs and Foreigners.
Section 8
Confirmation of Course Registration
Verify the information provided for each section before submission.

Need help?

Email: enrol@np.edu.sg
Enrolment Helpdesk Hotline: 6463 1233

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