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Enrolment Package

When do I get my enrolment package?

Enrolment packages will be sent in mid February to all JAE and PFP students who receive an offer from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. EAE students would receive the package by end January. If you do not receive your package, please contact Enrolment Helpdesk at 6463 1233.

What is in the enrolment package?

The enrolment package contains the following:

  1. 1) A Step-By-Step Quick Guide to Enrolment
  2. 2) Brown Reply Envelope (for Financial Forms)
  3. 3) White Reply Envelope (for Medical Forms for selected courses only)

What if the enrolment package arrives after I left the country? What should the authorized person do on my behalf for enrolment?

The authorized person shall follow the instructions in the Quick Guide and enrol online on your behalf by the course registration deadline. He/she can make fee payment at selected OCBC branches, via the AXS station or e-payment in My Enrolment.

I received my enrolment package late and thus missed the deadline assigned to me to enrol online for my course. What should I do now to enrol for the course?

Please email us with valid reasons to enrol@np.edu.sg for permission to enrol late.

What if there is a change in my home address?

Email to enrol@np.edu.sg with your Name, NRIC, contact number, and new home address. We will advise you to come down to Student Services & Visitors Centre (SSVC), Block 1, The Atrium to collect your enrolment package. If you are unable to come down, you may authorise someone to collect the enrolment package on your behalf. During your course registration, please remember to update your address.


Getting Started in mStudent

Where do I download the mStudent App?

For iOS devices, download the App from Apple App Store. For Android devices, download the App from Google Play Store.

Why do I need to download the mStudent App on my mobile device?

The App allows you to retrieve your Acceptance of offer letter which contains your login details to help you complete your course enrolment. It also provides you an avenue to complete your course registration and find useful information.

How do I obtain my login details in the App?

Tap on ‘Get Started’ in the App and follow the instructions. You’ll need to have a registered Singapore mobile number with us to receive an SMS.

What if I do not have a registered local mobile number with the Polytechnic?

Email your Name, NRIC and the local mobile number to enrol@np.edu.sg and we will register your mobile number after verification.

What if there is a change in my mobile number?

Email your Name, NRIC and the new mobile number to enrol@np.edu.sg and we will register your new mobile number after verification.

Do you accept international mobile number as registered mobile numbers?

For the purpose of retrieving your login details via the App, only local mobile numbers are acceptable.

Can I save the ‘Acceptance of offer’ letter containing my login details?

You are encouraged to save a copy to your mobile device. If you fail to save it on your first attempt, you can retrieve the letter again via the Enrolment Checklist in the App.

I do not have enough space or an appropriate app on my mobile device to download the ‘Acceptance of offer’ letter. What should I do?

Use a paper and pen to take down your login details as they are needed for future login.


Enrolment Procedures

How do I enrol?

If you receive our offer of admission and wish to accept the offer, download the mStudent App by scanning the QR codes given in the enrolment package by the deadline. Thereafter, follow the instructions in the App and enrol online. For more details, you can download a copy of the Enrolment Guide or visit eEnrol Portal.

When do I enrol?

You can enrol by the course registration deadline. Allow plenty of time to seek advice or assistance if required. Check your ‘Acceptance of offer’ letter found in the mStudent App for the deadlines.

You must complete your online enrolment procedures by the deadline.

Where do I enrol?

You can enrol from any location with a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection.

What are my User ID and Password details?

Details of your User ID and Password can be found in the ‘Acceptance of offer’ letter. For your own convenience, you are encouraged to download a copy of the letter from the mStudent App.

If you encountered password problems, contact Enrolment Helpdesk at 6463 1233.

What must I do before enrolment?

You may prepare the following:

  1. Download mStudent App to retrieve login detail. Click here for more details.
  2. Pay course fees at selected OCBC branches, via AXS or e-payment. Click here for more details.
  3. For specific courses, undergo a medical examination or colour vision test. Bring along the relevant medical form and visit a private clinic or your family doctor or any SATA clinic listed here. Once you have received the completed medical form from your doctor, you would need to submit it to Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) via the WHITE Reply Envelope enclosed in the Enrolment Package.

    You can also visit NP Convention Centre Level 1 to complete a FREE Colour Vision Test. No medical form is required. Click here for the dates of the test conducted at NP.

  4. Have ready the following information before login to enrol online for your course registration.

    • Father’s and Mother’s Particulars
      • Name
      • NRIC /Passport No
      • Occupation
      • Email Address
      • Residential / Mobile Numbers
    • Guardian / Next of Kin’s Particulars
      • Name
      • NRIC / Passport No
      • Email Address
      • Residential / Mobile Numbers
      • Address in Singapore
    • Total Household Monthly Income in S$ (to the nearest hundred)
    • Contact Details of Person for Fee Matters
    • Details of personal health condition

I am ready to enrol, what happens next?

Step 1 – Login
Sign in to mStudent App. At the Enrolment Checklist, click ‘Accept Course Offer‘ and enter your User ID and Password as stated in the ‘Acceptance of offer’ letter. Alternatively, you can login to My Enrolment via eEnrol Portal to begin your enrolment. Click ‘Proceed with your Course Registration’ to start your course registration.

Step 2 – Complete all items in the Course Registration Checklist
For those who enrol online for the 1st time, the easiest way to ensure that you have completed the course registration is to use the online checklist as a guide. There are at most 10 sections that need to be completed, depending on the course you accept.
Work your way through each of these sections that requires you to add or update information about yourself by clicking on the links on the right of the page.

Step 3 – Log out
Once you have completed the course registration, do not forget to click ‘Sign Out’ and close your web browser at the end of your session. You can return to complete any of the sections if you have not done so in your previous session by accessing the online course registration checklist.
If you see a confirmation page at the end of the registration, this means you have completed your course registration.

Step 4 – Pay fees if you choose to do so via internet
2 modes of ePayment are available to those who opt to pay fees via internet – eNETSDebit or eNETSCredit.

What happens after enrolment?

You should complete and submit the relevant enrolment forms. Click here for more details.

Some of these forms may require to be submitted using the reply envelope(s) enclosed in your enrolment package while other forms may require to be uploaded via My Enrolment. You can use the checklist on the envelope to guide you on the submission of forms and supporting documents.

You should also complete and submit financial forms – Interbank GIRO form and Credit Authorisation form. Click here for more details.

How and when can I know if I am successfully enrolled after completing the course registration, making the fee payment and submitting the necessary forms?

You can login to My Enrolment to check your enrolment status to find out if you have successfully enrolled into the course.

For male SC & PR students who have been called up for national service, you can print a copy of a status letter and submit to the relevant authorities as proof of admission to Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

For international students, you can apply for your student’s pass after completing your course registration.

Where can I find more details on the enrolment procedures?

You can download a copy of the Enrolment Guide or visit eEnrol Portal.


Late Enrolment

What if I have missed my course registration deadline?

Your course registration deadline indicates the last day that you can begin enrolling in your course online. This is indicated in the ‘Acceptance of offer’ letter. You may enrol at any time by the stipulated date. The offer of admission will lapse if you do not enrol by the deadline.
Email with valid reasons to enrol@np.edu.sg for permission to enrol late.

What if I can’t enrol during the period specified?

You can authorize anyone (e.g. family members, friends) to enrol on your behalf by the deadline. However, if there is no one that you can authorize, you have to email with valid reasons to enrol@np.edu.sg for permission to enrol late.


Course Registration

My parents are divorced. Can I fill up only one parent's particulars?

Yes, you may just include the parent who has custody of you and select 'Single Parent/Divorced/Separated/Widowed'.


Amendments to Enrolment


National Service

I am currently serving NS & will not ORD till next year. Do I need to enrol online?

You need to login to My Enrolment or visit eEnrol Portal, indicate your intention of reserving a place in the course and postpone your course registration by clicking ‘Defer Offer’. Subsequently, download, complete and upload via My Enrolment the Request Form for Deferment of Commencement of Studies with documentary proof from MINDEF by end May this year to request for the reservation of your place.

A place will be reserved for you if this is your first time enrolling into a polytechnic. If your request is approved, you will receive a letter confirming the reservation of your place from us by August.

For ex-poly students, no reservation of a place will be granted. You have to reapply for admission next year after your ORD.



I am awaiting my appeal results. Do I need to enrol online?

Yes, you are advised to accept the offer and to enrol first. If the course appealed for is another course at Ngee Ann, arrangements will be made to transfer you to the course appealed for should you be successful in your appeal. If the course appealed for is offered by another institution, you can seek a refund from the Polytechnic subsequently once your appeal is successful. A full refund (less $50 administration charge) will be granted if you notify us before the start of term.


Student Card

How do I get my Student Card?

The Student Card will be mailed to you before the term commences, only if you have uploaded the photo in My Enrolment.


Finance Matters

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