The Industry Mentors Network (IMN) is a ​mentoring programme, where an industry practitioner (mentor) provides professional and industry guidance to a small group of 3 to 4 students (mentees). To help students in their personal growth and career development, mentor and students meet up at least twice a yearThe IMN aims to:


Corporate Partners

Companies are invited to join the IMN as a corporate partner by nominating suitable company mentors and setting aside company time, venues and/or events for company mentors to meet their students. During these meet up sessions, company mentors will aim to help students understand the career pathways and opportunities within the company and/or the industry.


Here are our current and past partners:


Mentoring can be tremendously enjoyable and many mentors relish the journey of investing in others for the profession while reflecting on their own experiences. The IMN will allow mentors to understand the psyche and motivations of the younger generation and in the process, hone their mentoring skills and gather innovative ideas and perspectives from their students.

Through mentors' sharing of industry developments, their career journeys and their own mentors who have helped shape their lives, students will find mentoring relationships invaluable as they explore and make decisions about their future. With guidance from their mentors, students will be able to refine their career goals and track progress towards those goals.

As mentors and students with common industry interests are connected via the IMN, there is always scope for reciprocal learning and sharing during and beyond the programme.

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