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For Employers

Here at NP, we partner companies to create meaningful internship experiences.
Discover how you can engage our young talents.

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Grade​d Internships

Partner with us to train and develop our students at your workplace and add value to your teams. You will assess and grade our students during their internships according to a set of rubrics.

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Overseas Internships


In partnership with Enterprise Singapore, our overseas internship experiences will increase students’ awareness and exposure in overseas markets and enhance their career-readiness for a role with global responsibilities. If your company would like to offer overseas internships, please approach our team.

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Hear from our students fresh out of their overseas internships

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Vacation Internships

NP students can take on non-credit bearing internships from their first year. Vacation    internships are short internships (6 to 8 weeks) that run during the semester breaks in end-February to mid-April or end-August to mid-October. These internships are great for employers who are looking for interns to work on short-term projects.

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Graded Internships

Thank you for your interest in our Internship Programme.  

  The registration exercise for the September 2022 Internship period is now    closed.  

You may leave your contact details    here    or scan the QR code below to receive updates
 near October 2022 on the upcoming    internship    which    is     starting in April 2023.  


Resources for Companies

Contact us at     internships@np.edu.sg.​