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"Every Child Deserves a Good Start in Education"

FullSizeRender.jpgAt a young age, Felicia Chee was already role-playing as a teacher to her cousins. This innate desire to teach took further form and shape, as her belief that “every child deserves a good start in education especially in their early years” began to grow.

As Felicia wanted to make a difference to children’s lives, she decided to take the opportunity to embark on a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education (CPEE) after she completed her secondary school education.

The CPEE course equipped Felicia with the necessary skill sets and knowledge to manage children with special needs in the kindergarten centre where she now works. It also prepared her to handle tasks and responsibilities in teaching and learning, as well as counselling and guiding young children.

Upon graduation from CPEE, Felicia had the opportunity to play host to, and mentor, Year 1 students in their practicum. She felt this was her way of “paying it forward”, by sharing her experience with her juniors.

After Felicia started work at the PAP Community Foundation, she was given the chance to work with the very school she graduated from - HMS! This was through a collaboration with the Year 3 CPEE students for their research projects. It was with great satisfaction that she presented one of the projects, together with a final-year CPEE student, at the National Institute of Education (NIE) Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015.

Through the CPEE course’s practicum attachments and guidance from industry mentors, Felicia was able to undergo real-world industry practice and experience that gave her an edge when she started work in the early childhood industry.


Looking back, Felicia felt that while her training in the CPEE programme was not always easy, she could always rely on her friends and lecturers for support. The encouragement not only helped see her through to the completion of her diploma studies, but has also given her further impetus to embark on a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Management with SIM University.

Felicia’s passion for children remains strong as seen in her own words: “To be able to interact with the children and see their little achievements bring a sense of satisfaction to me.”