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Every Child A Unique Individual

Three words sum up Choy Yuan Chun’s experience as a student in NP’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECH) e: Enriching, Practical and Enjoyable.

Admittedly, at the tender age of 16, when Yuan Chun decided to take up the ECH Diploma, those three words were not something she imagined would describe her studies in NP. It was, she said, “a leap of faith”. Even so, she gamely took it on, and was amply rewarded for her hard work.

For Yuan Chun, the ECH programme was not only immensely enjoyable as she got to learn from passionate lecturers; it was also practical and hands-on, as she gained knowledge and skills both in the classroom and in field practicums guided by industry practitioners. The ECH Diploma experience was so enriching that her passion to do more to educate the young was further fueled.


Unlike many others, Yuan Chun decided not to take the conventional route of getting a degree immediately upon graduation. A firm believer in the value of practical hands-on industry experience, she worked for a couple of years in a childcare centre before pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Studies in SIT Wheelock College. The valuable working experience helped her relate to the coursework better, and showed her how to apply classroom knowledge to handle challenges in the field. She was further motivated to pursue a Masters degree under a scholarship from the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA); in 2015, she graduated with a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education (Wheelock College).

Yuan Chun has never considered a career change, because to her, “to teach is to learn twice”, a quote from Joseph Joubert which she holds dear. She believes there is so much more to learn about children, with the children and from the children, as every child is a unique individual.

Currently a Centre Head at MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks, Yuan Chun leads a team of passionate and dedicated pre-school educators to provide quality learning experiences for the children. She manages the day-to-day operations of MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks, such as planning and executing the kindergarten programmes, as well as charting the professional development and ensuring the well-being of her staff.

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Yuan Chun is thankful for the many opportunities available in the early childhood education sector, especially the professional development opportunities provided at MOE Kindergarten. These have enabled her to benefit from professional dialogues with MOE pre-school curriculum specialists and language specialists, as well as exchanges with practitioners at conferences. As part of career progression in MOE Kindergarten, she points out that teachers have the opportunity to take on higher level appointments and postings in two career tracks - the mentorship track and leadership track. Yuan Chun feels that MOE Kindergarten’s vision of providing a Strong Start for Every Child, and its approach to providing quality and affordable pre-school education, is aligned with her personal educational philosophy.

Yuan Chun’s advice to her juniors as well as potential ECH students is, “Even though you may have your own set of beliefs, mindsets and prior experiences, keep an open mind and open heart as you go on this learning journey. This will allow your learning experience to be richer and more fulfilling, and take you to greater heights!”

As an alumni of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HMS) in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Yuan Chun has certainly made her alma mater proud. She demonstrates the School’s graduate attributes of responsibility, confidence, self-directedness, an enterprising spirit, and many more! We wish Yuan Chun every success as she continues in her meaningful work to teach and guide young children, and prepare them for the future.

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