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Why NP?


Stretch Your Potential​

You can stretch your potential and confidently achieve greater heights in NP, with a host of innovation and talent development programmes! For example, with our unique Personalised Learning Pathway, you can pursue your passion in areas outside of your diploma, and pick up useful skills to give you an edge in the future workforce!

NP is the only polytechnic in Singapore that allows you to double​ your future career opportunities and graduate with a Minor under our Personalised Learning Pathway​. With 4 pathways to choose from, gain experience beyond your diploma to complement your skillsets and better equip yourself for the volatile workforce. As the name suggests, you get to personalise your learning at your own pace! Sign up for learning units that suit your timetable, and attain your Minor after completing 3 Learning Units!

“As a Biomedical Engineering student, I was keen to pick up new skills to widen my future career options. Taking up a Minor in Data Analytics & AI has not only helped me be more versatile but also allowed me to develop an interest in programming software. I also learnt that data analytics is used in the biomedical engineering field too, so my skills will definitely come in handy when applying for internships and other opportunities down the road!”

Ron Junxi Shammury
Diploma in Biomedical Engineering, Year 3

Currently pursuing a Minor in Data Analytics & AI

“When deciding on my choice of diploma after O-levels, I was torn between two of my passions, Business Studies and Psychology. I eventually signed up for Business Studies with NP to pursue a career in human resource management. With PLP, I am able to pursue both my passions and build better working relationships with others through the combined skillsets with a Minor in Applied Psychology. Having gone through the Social Psychology LU, I now have a better understanding on the needs and wants of consumers, which helps improve my marketing strategies to make them more consumer-oriented!”

Koo Evelyn
Diploma in Business Studies, Year 2

​Currently pursuing a Minor in Applied Psychology

“As an International Trade & Business student, I am exposed to global trade, business practices and economics. To complement my diploma, I am currently pursuing my second Learning Unit under the Minor in Entrepreneurship – Ecommerce for Entrepreneurs which has exposed me to the behind-the-scenes of running a business and equips me with the skills to run my own business in the future! I also signed up for the ASEAN Readiness Trip under the Minor in Global Readiness as I wanted to explore other minors. I was able to gain insights to the global market in Vietnam and even build connections with the locals through the virtual programme!”

​Prabakaran Divyabarathi
Diploma in International Trade & Business, Year 2

Currently pursuing a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Minor in Global Readiness​

As we nurture a big-hearted spirit in our students, Service-Learning plays a big role in our students’ learning journey here in NP. Use the skills and knowledge from your diploma to address real community needs. These initiatives which can make a positive impact on the community can take different forms and done in-person or even virtually. As part of their service-learning project Chinese Studies students from the School of Humanities & Social Sciences came up with creative ways to engage seniors online in spite of Covid-19 restrictions. Samson’s team took seniors on a virtual tour to Taiwan and Hong Kong and introduced them to local festivals, traditions, places of worship, as well as specialty food and snacks.

“While I initially thought the seniors would be quiet or reserved, they proved me wrong by being really enthusiastic during the event. I’m glad that through this initiative I could interact with seniors virtually and still contribute to society despite the current circumstances.”

​Samson Chua
Diploma in Chinese Studies, Year 2
Samson's team

With the Christieara Programme, ​students can stretch their potential through specially curated programmes in the areas of leadership and personal development. Challenge yourself to develop leadership and critical thinking skills as you embark on dialogues with Ministers and eminent speakers, learning journeys, empowerment and experiential camps. You will also get the chance to network with successful NP alumni, and be a part of meaningful mentorship programmes!

"Under The Christieara Programme (TCP) I was given the opportunity to attend various talent development activities such as the ​TCP Induction camp, NUS Critical Thinking Workshop and the TF SCALE programme. The exposure allowed me to hone my critical thinking, leadership and soft skills! They also offered me support throughout my PSC Scholarship and university applications by taking me through mock interviews, personal branding workshops and scholarship workshops.”

Yeh Ming Hui
Diploma in Financial Informatics, Class of 2022