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About EAE(I)​

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What is EAE(I)?

The Early Admissions Exercise for ITE students, or ​EAE(I), is a discretionary admissions exercise for ITE students to apply for a course of their choice, before the ITE results are released.

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Do I Qualify?

EAE(I) will be open to final-year ITE students who completed their NITEC course in June or December 2022, or Higher NITEC course in September 2022 or March 2023. You will also need to have shown interest ​and demonstrated aptitude relevant to the course.

Assessment methods​

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How to Apply?

You can apply via the EAE portal. Application for the April 2023 intake will begin from 9 to ​15 June 2022. You can choose up to ​three courses. You need to submit a write-up detailing your aptitude for your selected courses.

Apply here
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When will I be Notified?

You will be notified if you are shortlisted for an interview. This is where you showcase your aptitude, passion and commitment to the course you want to get into. Final selection is based on your interview performance and portfolio.

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What Happens after the Interview?

Check your application results at the EAE portal. If the application is successful, you will be granted a conditional offer. The condition is that you are required to obtain a:

  • Final net GPA of 2.0 or better for Higher NITEC qualification
  • OR
  • Final net GPA of 3.5 or better* for NITEC qualification

*For NITEC in Nursing holders only, the minimum GPA requirement for admission to the Diploma in Nursing is 3.0.

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What Happens after the Release of the ITE Exam ​Results?

Your conditional posting will be confirmed if you have met the above criteria. You will be contacted in January or April 2023​ on the enrolment procedures.

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Can I Apply for Other Admissions Exercises?

Students who accept an offer via EAE(I)​ and have their place confirmed, will not be eligible to participate in all other polytechnic admissions exercises. They will also not be able to transfer to another course within or between the polytechnics. Students are expected to honour the commitment to their choice of polytechnic and course under EAE(I).

​“EAE was definitely a smooth process for me as the instructions are readily available to ease any of my doubts. During my application, I took the chance to speak to many of my connections to find out more about the poly course I was interested in, including my lecturer in ITE who was a former Biomedical Engineering student in NP. I wanted to serve the wider community with my engineering skillset from ITE so NP’s Biomedical Engineering fits the criteria as it allows me to enter the biomedical industry to serve patients.”

​​Wong Zheng Hui
Diploma in Biomedical Engineering, ​Class of 2022


Important Dates to Note

Application Stage

9 Jun (Thu) to 15 Jun (Wed)

Selection Stage

4 Jul (Mon) to 30 Aug (Tue)

Offer & Acceptance Stage

7 Sep (Wed) 1400h to 12 Sep (Mon) 2359h

Withdrawal Stage

13 Sep (Tue) to 14 Oct (Fri) 2359h