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Smart learning labs & tech-infused curriculum to get you ready for the future workplace, shaped by technology

Winning portfolio of real-world projects co-created with Industry

Our signature participatory design modules make learning engaging and benefit the community

Strong focus on sustainability – a key driver that will impact the world and the way we live, work and play

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  • Designer-in-​Residence

    Up close with expert architects and designers.

  • Global Exposure

    Network in cosmopolitan cities.

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    Gain experience with the big names in design and architecture.

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School of Design & Environment

Live Design

In your view, the world is intricately designed. You have a natural tendency to approach problems with a design focus and your solutions are often design-based. To you, the built environment presents opportunities for you to use your design-thinking approach to better create and manage living and working spaces. In all that you do, you also ensure there is greater harmony with Mother Nature. At Ngee Ann Poly’s School of Design & Environment (DE), you will learn to:

  • Unlock your creative potential and learn how to think like a designer. Gain new economy skills such as design thinking and user experience/ interface (UX/UI) design.
  • Apply design thinking and project-based learning methods in the management of hotel and leisure facilities to improve service standards and operational efficiencies, while incorporating green technologies and best practices.
  • Market and manage public and private properties to help owners maximise the value of their assets.

Here at DE we live design, and value the spaces around us. Our design methodology applies across all our diplomas, and our belief in sustainability inspires our learning. Whether you aspire to be a designer, an architect, a real estate professional or a facility specialist, you will, in effect, live design, think environment. ​