​​​Cultural Intelligence​

People Skills for a Global Workplace


About Cultural Intelligence

As the world becomes borderless, consumer diversity and workplace diversity are becoming a common feature at work. The success of a corporation depends on its ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts. This ability to develop global people skills is called Cultural Intelligence or Cultural Quotient (CQ).

Our CQ facilitators, staff from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, comprises people from diverse cultures, with different experiences and training backgrounds. And that’s what makes us unique and what makes our courses and workshops different.

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Why You Should Take Our Course

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Your business is expanding beyond national borders.

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You are meeting and working with counterparts in other countries.

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Your staff is becoming more culturally diverse. Managing and leveraging diversity is key.

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You are involved ​in multinational projects and programmes.​

Courses & Workshops

When it comes to working in situations that are culturally diverse, where do you stand? With the appropriate training and coaching, we believe that anyone can develop global people skills and gain a high Cultural Quotient (CQ), progressing from cultural awareness to cultural sensitivity and competence.

Level 1

Developing Cultural Awareness

The programme are designed to help the participants understand the various cultural rules and behaviors and how people connect through different cultural backgrounds.

For Whom
Hotel supervisors, hospital nursing supervisors, SME supervisors, hotels and banks frontline staff and managers, and anyone keen on gaining awareness on CQ.

1 Day

Level 2

Becoming Culturally Sensitive​

The programmes are designed to help participants learn how to suspend judgement, ask questions, and navigate cross-cultural differences to achieve success in the workplace.

For Whom
Middle managers in jobs that require working in culturally diverse teams, meeting overseas clients and community work which entails integrating new citizens.

1 Day

Level 3

Managing Cultural Diversity

The programmes are designed to help an organisation manage diversity seamlessly by building a culture of inclusion and leveraging on inclusive practices to achiev​e corporate success.

For Whom
Senior management, company directors, CEOs and human resource managers.

2 Days​

Conducting a workshop

Cultural Awareness Workshop

The workshop introduces participants to cultural intelligence and provides them with an understanding of the different cultural dimensions. The workshop also explores how cultures shape our behavior and how misunderstandings arise when we misinterpret different cultural behaviors. The workshops is designed for all sectors as it provides the foundation for understanding cultural intelligence.

Movie and video clips are used extensively in the training session as instructional and visual tools, making the experience fun and enjoyable for all.

Participants will have a heightened awareness about cultural differences and understand the value of planning for responses in different cultural situations. ​

Drinking wine

Food & Culture Workshop

Understand how food and culture are connected and learn to be sensitive to customs and etiquette when dining with overseas counterparts. The workshop is designed for all sectors and is especially useful for staff bonding events.

Depending on the group size, the training session can be conducted in various ways to meet your needs. Some examples include cheese and wine tasting, Japanese tea ceremony, appreciation of Korean food, a dining experience to appreciate table etiquette, and food sampling to see its connection to culture and society.

Participants will learn to pick up unwritten rules of restaurant dining and observe customs and table etiquette. Participants will be better prepared when entertaining foreign clients. ​

Having a discussion

Global Skills for the Workplace

The workshop introduces the key aspects interpreting a new culture in the workplace and explores the pivotal role global people skills play in the success of any business in today’s economy. The workshop is for professionals who work in multicultural teams, people who are constantly interacting with customers from different cultures, and for individuals who want to develop global skills in cultural intelligence.

Activities include group sharing, discussions on scenario-based case studies, movie clips and food-tasting. Through these activities, participants will be sensitized to cultural barriers and learn to build skills to overcome them.

Participants will be able to appreciate the value of unlocking their unconscious cultural bias when planning for interactions in diverse cultural settings. ​

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A CQ Toolkit

​Navigating Culture at Work

The workshop trains professionals and executives to develop strategies to behave appropriately in order to succeed in cross-cultural interactions and build on their knowledge of how culture impact workplace behavior. This workshop is suitable for those who manage international teams; have colleagues from other cultures; do business with people from different cultures; and have a regional or international customer base.

Participants will identify strategies to plan for interactions in various cultural situations through sharing of personal experiences as a form of reflective practice, discussions on scenario-based case studies, movie clips and even food-tasting.

Participants will be able to appreciate the value of unlocking their unconscious cultural bias when planning for interactions in diverse cultural settings. Participants will be able to identify strategies needed to adapt to diverse situations and succeed in interactions across different cultural settings at the workplace. ​