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​Campus Ecosystem

A community of solution providers, staff and students co-creating new value via the use of digital innovations.​

4 Areas for Innovation

We aim to transform the way students learn and the way we work in these areas.

Student Life

Students navigate their campus life easily, with information at their fingertips.


Teaching & Learning

Students learn well using suitable tools, platforms and methods.​

Work Culture

Staff are engaged and competent at work.

Work Processes

Staff deliver their work via processes which are efficient and effective.​

Meet Our Partners

Take a look at their game-changing digital innovations.



​Gnowbe is a mobile learning platform that empowers enterprises to design and distribute bite-sized, action-based content instantly.

We have successfully collaborated with Gnowbe in various areas; from a senior management pilot program (2016), a staff on-boarding programme roll-out (2017), to a set of 4 micro-learning courses specially created as a graduating gift for the 4,500-strong graduating cohort (2018). Together with Gnowbe, we aim to create a new culture of on-demand and self-paced learning for NP staff and students alike, who relish learning on the go.​



Go-UP is a real-time engagement analytics platform that uses micro-surveys for employees to have a voice on their engagement levels at work, so that the management can take follow-up actions quickly.

We collaborated with Go-UP for a 2-year pilot from November 2016 to December 2018 and involved over 60 teams and 500 ​staff in the process.



Glints is a career discovery & development platform that empowers young talent to discover their passions and develop relevant career skills through internships and graduate jobs.

We have partnered Glints to provide two dedicated web portals, NP@Glints and NPStaff@Glints, for students and staff to source for internships and industry attachments efficiently.



Liquid Pay is a mobile payment app that combines fast and convenient payment with rewards and discounts. Simply scan the QR code at the checkout for fast, secure payments. Liquid Pay gives you the freedom to choose the best payment method – through credit or debit cards, to membership cards, all at the point of sale.

NP started piloting Liquid Pay in May 2017 as part of the Cashless Canteen initiative where students are able to purchase a meal in NP canteens ​without the need for cash. Today, Liquid Pay is one of many e-payment options available to students.



KeyReply identifies key insights from your customer conversations and automates your customer engagement and support using your own Facebook Messenger, web or app bot.

NP has been working with Key Reply since April 2017 to develop a chatbot to serve potential and current students. Our chatbot, AskNP, has since been trained to answer varying questions on course offerings to diverse services offered in NP, greatly reducing the number of person-to-person enquiries staff have to answer, while improving reliability and immediacy of answers to questions that our stakeholders may have.​


Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts is an energy management company that offers expertise on energy monitoring.

We are collaborating with the company, as part of NP’s environmental sustainability initiative, for the use of energy meters to monitor electrical consumption. A pilot study was carried out for some of the buildings on campus in 2017 ​and has since been completed.



Companion is a platform enabling higher education counsellors to seamlessly collaborate with students to plan and manage their university applications.

We are using Companion by Cialfo to streamline and democratize the international university consulting process for Ngee Ann Polytechnic students aspiring to study in the UK or US. Companion is currently available on desktop and mobile for up to 50 students throughout their duration at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.



PolicyPal helps you to understand, manage your existing policies and buy new insurance in one app. PolicyPal manages and optimises insurance policies and offer you personalised policy recommendations, ensuring that you do not overpay or underpay for adequate coverage.

NP piloted with PolicyPal in Oct 2017 to enable easy management of insurance travel policies during student overseas trips. Staff were able to manage policy information and process claims on the go. The pilot has since concluded​.



PowerData2Go provides a virtual SIM card solution to travellers, providing seamless internet connectivity without the hassle of purchasing local SIM cards. The device is accompanied by an app that facilitate local voice call.

Since 2017, NP has piloted with PowerData2go as a productivity initiative with the aim to reduce roaming charges when staff travels overseas with students. It is estimated that up to 40% of roaming charges can be cut down with a virtual sim card solution. Staff from The Sandbox and the School of Mechanical Engineering have since benefitted from the connectivity and ease afforded by bringing this device with them on their overseas trips.​



Attores is a blockchain startup graduated from UOB's fintech accelerator FinLab, that offers Smart Contracts as a Service. Attores enables data and documents to be shared securely, with full traceability and auditability using smart contracts and blockchain technology​.

NP first started collaborating with Attores in 2017 to publish Diploma Plus Certificates in a secure way on blockchain, direct to students' LinkedIn profile. The intent was to allow potential employers the convenience to verify the authenticity of certificates online. Since then, the collaboration has taken flight and evolved into an Inter-Agency Blockchain initiative, known as Project OpenCerts. This project is led by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, GovTech and SkillsFuture Singapore, with 15 members in its consortium, ranging from Institutes of Higher Learning to other governmental agencies.​



Handshakes is a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows users to understand complex relationships. Curated from official sources, users can generate interactive network maps and live reports of people and companies within seconds.

In 2017, NP started a pilot with Handshakes, with them helping the Internal Audit team to conduct diligence checks to potentially identify and highlight collusion among suspicious parties. The pilot has since concluded and IA is now on a pay-per-use service with Handshakes.​


About Us


Demography of a Polytechnic Campus

There are 5 polytechnics in Singapore.
​Below is the typical demography of a local polytechnic.


Student typically enters at

Student enters at 17


years ​old


Student typically leaves at

Student leaves at 19


years old

15,000 students in total

No. of Students:


Annual intake: 5,000

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2,000 staff

No. of Staff:



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40 - 50




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