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Diploma in

International Trade & Business



Year 1

Year 2

  • Business Communication 2

    (4 Credit Units)

    This module builds on the foundation of Business Communication 1 and creates opportunities for students to strengthen their oral and written communication. Students will be required to enhance their presentation skills through impromptu speeches. Students will also learn how to prepare a business proposal. Job hunting and employment skills will be introduced to prepare students for a positive start to their careers. Students will learn about personal branding and will be taught to write application letters and resumes. Additionally, students will learn job interview techniques through role-plays and simulations.

  • Global Transportation

    (4 Credit Units)

    This module covers the basic trade theories and concepts underpinning international trade in a business organisation. This module will equip students with a working knowledge of import/export procedures, commonly used shipping terms and documents of shipping and trade. Students will also be introduced to concepts in physical goods distribution.

  • International Purchasing

    (4 Credit Units)

    Students will learn how to select, engage and manage suppliers around the world. They will learn how to prioritise requisitions, conduct financial and operational analysis of suppliers, determine the appropriate ordering method, learn techniques to ensure supplier compliance and perform the role of a purchasing manager.

  • International Trading & Digitalisation

    (5 Credit Units)

    This module provides broad insights into international trading of commodity and non-commodity merchandise. This is accomplished through understanding the inter-relationship between the different elements involved in enabling smooth trading, such as trade restrictions, logistics and technology. Students will also build competencies in analysis, collaboration and negotiation in the module.

  • Storage & Distribution

    (4 Credit Units)

    Through this module, students will understand how technological trends, such as enterprise resource planning and automation, drive efficient inventory control and storage management. Students will be introduced to the concepts of inventory management, handling and storage of products, warehouse management and design, and workplace safety.

Year 3​

Year 3
Business Digitalisation Track NEW

*for selected students only

Diploma in International Trade & Business (N85)