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Masters Collective

A FREE online course on professional & life skills

Industry-relevant Skills

A FREE bootcamp programme or SkillsFuture course to help open doors to fulfilling careers

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Masters Collective

  • Learn from influencers Bong Qiu Qiu, Malaque Mahdaly and The Meatmen on how to create a storyboard, relevant content, and maintain a social media presence.
  • Join entrepreneurs Alaric​, Rachel Lim and Marcus Tan as they offer strategies and insights to turn your business dream into reality, whether it is in the entertainment, fashion or tech sector.

Choose ONE of four Masters Collective online courses, and learn skills to become the next big social media influencer, entertainer, fashion or tech entrepreneur!*

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Industry Relevant Skills

  • Acquire valuable knowledge and develop relevant skills to meet the challenges of the future economy.
  • Choose ONE SkillsFuture course, boot camp or post-diploma certificate (Terms & Conditions apply*).

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