Scholarships & Awards

At Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), we have a host of scholarships and awards to recognise students with excellent academic results, leadership qualities and diverse talents. Through our extensive range of scholarships and awards, talented students are given due recognition and encouragement to achieve greater heights.

NP Scholarship

The Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship is our premier scholarship to recognise students with excellent academic results. Besides academic excellence, NP Scholars are selected based on their leadership potential and strong core values.

NP Scholars are enrolled in The Christieara Programme (TCP). TCP is a specially tailored three-year talent development programme aimed at expanding students’ intellectual horizons and developing their leadership qualities. This programme strives to put NP Scholars in good stead to start their careers upon graduation or pursue further education.

All Year 1 students will receive an invitation to apply for NP Scholarship during the first semester at NP. Year 2 and Year 3 students who performed well academically and in CCAs are also invited to apply.

Donor Scholarships

Through the generosity of philanthropists and organisations, NP offers a range of donor scholarships for our students. They are open to students who have excelled in and have passion for their respective fields, and participated actively in CCAs. The criteria for each award is set by individual donor. Eligible students will receive invitations to apply.

Polytechnic Foundation Programme Study Award

The PFP Study Award is open to Polytechnic Foundation Programme students with good academic results, and strong leadership qualities and potential. All PFP students will be invited to apply during their first semester at NP.


• NP students can find out more about these scholarships via the student portal.

• Scholarship applicants may apply for bursary concurrently.

• Scholarship recipients (for awards that cover tuition fee only) are now allowed to hold a government-funded bursary concurrently.​​