Course Fees

Tuition fees at NP are highly subsidised by the Singapore Government for eligible students under the Tuition Grant (TG) Scheme. For AY2020, the polytechnics will continue to adopt a cohort-based fee structur​e, which means that fees will remain constant for the entire duration of the course.

The Government will continue to absorb the GST chargeable on tuition fees payable by Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident students. The tuition fees for International Students in AY2020 is inclusive of GST.

The table below shows the annual tuition fee payable by students enrolling in a full-time diploma course and who have opted for the Tuition Grant (TG) Scheme.

Admitted in Academic Year Ngee Ann Logo Singaporeans Ngee Ann Logo Permanent Residents Ngee Ann Logo International Students Ngee Ann Logo
2020 (more​ info)
2019 (more info)
2018 S$2,800 S$5,600 S$10,000
2017 S$2,700 S$5,400 S$9,600
2016 S$2,600 S$5,200 S$9,050
2015 S$2,500 S$5,000 S$8,350
2014 S$2,400 S$4,800 S$8,000
2013 S$2,300 S$4,600 S$7,650
2012 S$2,300 S$4,600 S$7,650

Tuition Grant Scheme

The Singapore Government provides tuition grants to subsidise your education at the polytechnic.

Permanent residents and foreigners who accept the tuition grant must sign a bond to work in Singapore for 3 years upon graduation. To find out more about the Tuition Grant Scheme, please refer here.


Payment Mode 1: OCBC Bank branches

  1. Go to a designated OCBC bank branch (Refer to FAQ 11.4). You do not need to have an OCBC account
  2. Write your Student ID and contact no at the back of the cheque
  3. Drop the cheque into the quick cheque deposit box
  4. If payment by cash, please retain the deposit slip as proof of payment
  5. Payment will be updated in 3 working days

Payment Mode 2: AXS (Station / mobile app ​New​ / online payment New )

AXS station                                - Select Education > Ngee Ann Polytechnic > Outstanding
AXS mobile app                                - Select eServices > Education > Ngee Ann Polytechnic > Outstanding
AXS online payment
                               - Go to http://axs.com.sg
                               Select AXS e-Station > Pay My Bills Now > eServices > Education/ Ngee Ann Polytechnic > Outstanding

  1. ​Enter your Student ID (e.g. 12345678A)
  2. Follow on-screen instructions and retain the receipt as proof of payment
  3. Payment will be updated in 3 working days

Payment Mode 3: eNets Debit or Credit card

  1. Go to eEnrol Portal
  2. Click ‘My Enrolment’ and log in with your User ID and Password
  3. Follow on-screen instructions and take note of the payment reference as proof of payment
  4. An e-Receipt will be sent to your personal email address
  5. Payment will be updated in 5 working days

Withdrawal & Refund

Students who wish to withdraw from their course must complete a prescribed withdrawal form and submit it to their respective Academic Schools/Divisions.

Withdrawal before commencement of term

  • 100% refund, excluding S$50 administrative charge *
  • Refund of all other fees paid (except application/amendment fee and tertiary student ez-link card application fee)

Withdrawal within 1st week of term on valid grounds **

  • 75% refund
  • Refund of examination, sports and miscellaneous fees only

Withdrawal after 1st week of term

  • No refund

* Administrative charge of S$50 is only applicable to new students.

** Refunds will only be made if the reasons for withdrawal are on valid grounds such as to study in another approved institution in Singapore, or on medical grounds.