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Direct Admissions Exercise

The Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE) allows applicants whose qualifications are ineligible under JAE and JPAE to apply for admission to our full-time diploma courses. Admission is based on academic merit.
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1. Can I apply?​
You must have sat for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level and have never studied in any polytechnic / university previously.

A-Level graduates can apply via the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE), which takes place in January, using their O-Level results. They can also apply via the respective   Direct Admissions Exercise, which runs from December to February and in August. The list of courses and their minimum entry requirements for each application period can be found under Advanced Standing.   Eligible A-Level graduates who meet the minimum entry requirements may be exempted from one or two semesters of the 3-year polytechnic studies.


  • For courses that are not listed, admission will be based on the GCE ‘O’ Level results (or equivalent). The entry requirements and planned intake can be found here.

Advanced Standing

  • Applicants   can   apply for direct entry to the 2nd year (Year 2 Semester 1) of selected 3-year full-time diploma courses in February. Applicants   may check the entry requirements ​here.​ Application opens upon the release of GCE’ A’ Level results and closes in February. Term starts in April.
  • Applicants   can   apply for direct entry to  2-year (Year 2 Semester 2) OR 2.5-year   (Year 1 Semester 2) of   selected 3-year full-time diploma courses in August. Applicants   may check the entry​ requirements here. Application opens and closes in August. Term starts in October.
  • Applicants admitted to 2-year or 2.5-year of selected 3-year full-time diploma courses will study for 4 or 5 semesters respectively.​

2. How to Apply?
  • Apply via the Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE) Portal ​ during the respective application period.
  • Your supporting documents should be uploaded to the DAE portal during the online appli​cation
  • You can include up to 3 choices in NP for which you are eligible
  • You will only receive 1 offer if successful

    ​Direct Entry to Year 2 Semester 1 (Apr Sem) - 2 yrs
    Entry to Year 1 Semester 1 (Apr Sem) - 3 yrs
    Direct Entry to Year 2 Semester 2     (Oct Sem) - 2 yrs
    Entry to Year 1 Semester 2 (Oct Sem) - 2.5 yrs
    ​Application period
    22 February 2022 to 7 March 2022
    8 August 2022​ to 19 August 2022
    ​Posting Date
    ​By 31 March 2022
    ​By 30 September 2022
    ​Term Start Date
    18 April 2022
    17 October 2022​

3. What happens next?​
  • The outcome of your application will be released online through the DAE portal
  • If your application is successful, you will receive an enrolment card with instructions on how to accept your offer online.
  • The period between receiving your card and your course registration appointment can be as short as 1 or 2 days. It is very important that you accept the offer during the appointment.
  • You can accept your offer online via eEnrol portal.
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