mesh-covered Greenhouse at Blk 84

Greenhouse @Blk 84

Nestled within Ngee Ann’s lush greenery is LSCT Greenhouse at Block 84. The mesh-covered Greenhouse is primarily used as an outdoor classroom for students from the Diploma in Landscape Design & Horticulture to learn the growing of various leafy and fruit crops hydroponically (ie. with soil-less media). The Greenhouse was upgraded in 2021 and is now equipped with multiple sensors that can transmit data to a central computer where growers can monitor all internal and external data in real-time which can be accessed in a cloud platform for processing and analysis. This Greenhouse also provides joint scientific research and multi-disciplinary collaborative opportunities for students, staff, and industry partners. Here, established and emerging technologies are infused into plant science and urban agriculture teaching and learning, culminating in its industrial application.