ecosystem pond at Blk 22

Eco Pond @Blk 22

“Condensate” refers to the moisture in the air that changes into water droplets when it comes into contact with cold surfaces. While the volume of condensate collected on a cold beverage glass is small, the condensate that collects on air conditioning can be of significant volume and a potential alternate water source. As such, condensate water from the Block 22 & 23 air-conditioning system, together with the rainwater overflow from Blk 22 roof, is collected and used to top up the water of the eco pond at Blk 22. This eliminates the use of potable water to top up the pond. This eco-pond is also equipped with a nature-inspired filtration system, whereby a filtration bed is laid with coral chips and bio-mat to remove the build-up sediments. The aquatic plants not only beautify the environment but also play a key role in maintaining a balanced pond ecosystem.