Our Story

Who We Are

Building Upon Our Heritage

We opened our doors with just 116 students in 1963 and offered courses in language, commerce and technology. Five decades on, we have never stopped preparing students for the challenges of their time. 

We now offer 36​ full-time diploma courses and five ​common entry programmes​ through
nine academic schools and various part-time programmes for adult learners through our CET Academy. We have a student population of more than 13,000. Our alumni ​community of over 150​,000 is ever growing, with many living in other parts of the world still calling ​us home. Every step of the way, we have been unwavering in our commitment to give students an outstanding learning journey. Our mission is to develop students who are confident, self-directed, innovative and adaptable – equipped for success in the future economy. 

Explore our history

What Makes Us Unique

A holistic education that goes beyond textbooks and geographical boundaries.

Our programmes are designed to enthuse students with a love for learning, while equipping them with the skills to thrive in the workforce of the future.

How We Do It

Future-Ready Campus

A community of students, alumni and staff who are digitally-enabled, innovative, progressive and well-poised for the future economy.


Multiple Peaks for Success

An environment where education is about developing aptitudes and interests, and celebrating successes beyond grades.

Every student has opportunities to discover and stretch to his or her full potential.


Learning Beyond the Classroom

Education isn’t confined to a classroom or schedule anymore.

An immersive experience for every student to learn by doing in the industry and community, and hone an interdisciplinary and global mindset.

Find out how NP students become work-ready through our Signature Teaching Pedagogies in the Profession and expand their perspectives through interdisciplinary studies .

Every NP student experiences service-learning to apply the skills and knowledge from their course to create solutions that benefit the community.


Values-Driven Education

Rooted in values.

We take pride in instilling Ngee Ann’s core values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, compassion and gratitude, or in short, R3ICG.

Our students are encouraged to live out these values by considering the needs of others, and making a contribution to the society.


Innovation & Enterprise

Creativity flourishes here.

An Entrepreneurship Programme allows students to develop their business ideas during curriculum time.

A campus ecosystem to experiment ideas and target ​start-ups and innovative companies running pilots, prototypes and trials using our campus as a testbed.

But that’s not all – students can join the Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme to experience the realities of startup life at leading innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley, Jakarta and Shanghai.

Check out NP's suite of initiatives​ for budding entrepreneurs and The Sandbox, a one-stop centre offering support to budding innovators since 2015.


Poly for All Ages

Learning never ends.

In a world where change is constant, keeping pace with new trends and the latest skills will give you an edge.

NP's CET Academy offers a wide range of short courses that will help you to upscale your skills and knowledge.

Whether you are looking for career advancement, skills to change direction, or simply want to learn something new and follow your passion, we can give you the tools to make it happen.​


Home Away from Home

A staff advisor and an industry mentor for every student to guide him or her in the whole learning journey.

A campus​ ​with top notch facilities and recreational areas, great eateries and countless spots for study and relaxation.

Like a second home.​​


Our Vision

Passion for learning. Values for life.

Graduates who are ready for a global workplace.

Our Mission

To nurture lifelong learners who are imbued with 21st Century competencies and valued at the workplace and by society.​

Our Values

Upholding integrity.

Striving for excellence.

Embracing innovation.

Serving the community​.