Studio27 is embracing the digital media age with gusto! NP’s digital media scene will be lit abuzz with a slate of gaming and animation, video and mobile events and educational workshops. Watch out for these upcoming events… 

Windows Live Movie Maker for Beginners
Getting to know the DJ Console - A sharing session
We are hiring!
Pro Tools sharing session
Exciting new workshops!
Watch this space for a chance to rub shoulders with who's who in the Media Industry.
video image Video Killed the Radio Star
This introductory video production workshop focuses on the technical aspects of video camera operation, lighting, image control, sound and editing.
music image Consumer-Generated Music
This digital music production workshop introduces participants to the basics and finer points of working with audio recording in the digital domain.
image image editing Use your Illusion
This introductory workshop aims to teach participants about image file types, cropping images, compositing, ghosting, using layers..
image gaming Discover the Unexpected
This workshop introduces participants who have no experience with mscape technology to design location-based experiences.
image iphone programming Write the next killer iPhone app’
This iPhone programming workshop introduces participants to Xcode and interface builder to develop iPhone applications that leverages the...
Lights Camera Action
Lighting is one of the most essential aspects in Video Production. In fact, without light, there could be no video...


janmming image

text image “Sonic Unleashed ”Jamming and sound recording studio, reMIX! digital music suite                           


gamer image

text image “I GAME, therefore I am" LAN & console games for recreation & edutainment    






video recording image

“From IMAGINATION to Reality”Video production studio cum practice area                                                


IDM image

“Developing NEW MEDIA Literacies”Training facility for content development workshops                                             

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