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Inter-School Micromouse Competition 

Alpha Centre organises the annual Singapore Inter-School Micromouse Competition which draws participation from the Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Institutes of Technical Education. The competition was conceived in 1990 following a recommendation in the National Automation Master Plan to inculcate an automation culture in our younger generation and the first comnpetition was held in 1991.

The participants assemble the micromouse, which is a small mobile robot, and develop the program for the maze-solving algorithm and motion control and compete in a competition based on a set of rules. The primary objective is to have the micromouse solve an unknown maze for the fastest path from a start square to the maze destination and run along the path in the shortest possible time.

The micromouse program can be generated using 2 software tools which we have called MIGS and MKITC. The program create 2 files, one containing parameters for a predetermined maze-solving algorithm and the other containg parameters for the various motion situations (e.g. exploration state, fast run along 7 straight squares, etc). The parameters are merged into the pre-written micromouse program and converted into machine codes for loading into the micromouse program memory.

The MKITC comprises an intergrated development environment (IDE) where the student writes the micromouse program in C language using functions from a library developed specific to the micromouse. The C source program is compiled and converted to machine codes for loading into the micromouse program memory. Participants from JC/ITE category must develop the micromouse program using the MKITC IDE.




Check out the results for the 19th Singapore Inter-School Micromouse Competition!

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