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Aerospace Technology (N65)
Electrical Engineering (N43)
Electronic & Computer Engineering (N44)
Engineering Science (N93)
Engineering With Business Management Programme (N71)

Pioneer batch of newcastle university students graduate
Naval Architecture degree on Ngee Ann campus will boost the marine engineering industry in Singapore

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Mechanical Engineering Division
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 Diploma in Marine & Offshore Technology (N42) 


  • The only diploma that covers both naval architecture and offshore engineering

  • Strong links with leading industry players such as the Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI), Keppel Offshore & Marine and SembCorp Marine
  • Prestigious ASMI-MOT scholarship worth $30,000 that will cover tuition fees, and laptop and monthly allowances

  • Subsidised degree oered by Newcastle University right here at Ngee Ann Poly
  •  A Minor in Business Management offers more exciting career and degree opportunities

You would have heard: Singapore is the world’s busiest port! But that’s not all. We are also the world’s leading oil rig builder and ship conversion centre. To prep you for a bright future in this thriving industry, our Diploma in Marine & Offshore Technology (MOT) will train you in naval architecture and offshore technology, which are among the most sought-after specialist skills in Singapore’s maritime industry.

At MOT, you will learn to design and build your own ship models, and test them in Singapore’s only towing tank located in our campus. Our strong emphasis on Design Thinking and Practice will give you an edge in creating innovative solutions for using clean energy, developing new materials and processes, as well as designing and building marine vessels and offshore structures. Thanks to MOT’s close links with key industry players, you will also go on frequent study trips to gain industry exposure.

What’s more, with MOT’s revamped curriculum, you can now choose a more intensive internship experience by opting to do a year-long internship. You can expect in-depth industry training that will equip you with job-relevant skills and knowledge and stand you in good stead when you join the industry upon graduation!

In the first two years, you will be grounded with strong fundamentals of engineering, as well as naval architecture, marine engineering and ship design, and offshore technology.

In your final year, you will spend either six months or a year interning at a host company in the marine and offshore industry for four days a week. During your internship, you will embark on hands-on learning by being assigned on-the-job tasks with company supervision.

You will spend the remaining day a week taking Specialisation or Interdisciplinary Studies modules. You can choose to major in one of these specialisations:

Specialisation options

Analyse the hydrodynamics and structuralperformance of ships and oil rigs. Design marine platforms using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Simulation software.

Study offshore oil & gas systems that are integral to the design and construction of the offshore oil rigs.

Minor in Business Management
This Diploma offers an alternative pathway for those who prefer to read more business modules. In Year 2, you can sign up for our Minor in Business Management. In your final year, you can also choose to do the year-long internship.

Taught by NP’s School of Business & Accountancy, the Minor in Business Management modules cover topics such as financial management, marketing and entrepreneurship. In the final year, you will get to put your knowledge into practice while working on a project with business application. You will also take up a business management elective such as E-Business Practice, Managing Service Operations, Supply Chain Management and Understanding Buyer Behaviour.

Thanks to the booming maritime industry, MOT students can look forward to finding jobs quickly and earning attractive pay packages upon graduation. You can pursue a career in the design, marketing, commerce, survey, production, safety, human resource, and research and development areas of the marine and offshore industries.
Accredited by the Institute of Marine Engineering Science & Technology (UK), this diploma gives you the opportunity to improve your prospects by pursuing a related degree programme at a local or an overseas university. Together with Newcastle University, the Singapore Institute of Technology offers our graduates the chance to pursue a prestigious degree in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture or Offshore Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This subsidised degree programme can be completed in two years.
You may also enjoy advanced standing at local universities such as Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore, or overseas universities such as Newcastle University, University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, University of Sydney and University of Tasmania. 

You can also apply for non-engineering degree courses. The Minor in Business Management will give you a head-start when applying for such courses.

Here are more details on the degree options and advanced standing at the universities - locally and overseas .

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have the following GCE ‘O’ Level examination (or equivalent) results.

'O' Level Grade            
English Language*1–7
Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)1–6
Science (with Physics, Chemistry or Biology component) or Computer Studies or Design & Technology or Fundamentals of Electronics1–6

You must also fulfil the aggregate computation requirements.

** Candidates with English as a second language must have attained a minimum grade of 6.

Candidates with hearing deficiency or severe vision deficiency should not apply for the course.

First-Year ModulesSecond-Year ModulesFinal-Year Modules
^  Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) modules at Ngee Ann help students become more versatile and competitive by expanding their knowledge and skills beyond their core disciplines. Areas covered include communication, entrepreneurship, lifeskills, media and the arts, and science and technology.

Course Structure with minor in Business Management

Diploma Plus Programme

Students can select elective modules from a wide range of clusters to obtain their Diploma Plus Certificate. DPP is optional and it will not affect the graduating requirement for the award of a diploma.

Students can choose the DPP clusters from the range listed below. The offer of a DPP cluster is subject to the condition that the minimum class size is met and based on available vacancies.


Engineering ClustersNon-Engineering Clusters
·  Business ^
*  For more details, please log on to
^  DPP cluster will not be offered to students taking the Minor in Business Management
**  The syllabus is aligned to the NTU's FE1012: Physics A module with effect from AY2012/13. NP students who obtained good grades in the Applied Physics modules will be granted exemption from the FE1012: Physics A module.

Engineering students can also pursue Diploma Plus Certificates in Business, Innovation Management and Languages (Japanese).
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