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NRA - Winners at Suntec Dance Competition
We congratulate team B.O.T.S (Born Out To Swag!) and Alif Rais on their fantastic performance and wins at Suntec Dance 2011.
Ngee Ann grads going places
Three Ngee Ann graduates win LKY-STEP award
Mechanical Engineering Division Students Won Awards in 10th IES Design Awards
Two groups of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering students won the 10th IES Design Awards.
Ngee Ann archer hits the international mark
MASK-AID to the rescue
Unique breathing system developed by Ngee Ann lecturers attracts commercial interest
Top Graduates 2011
- Lourence Steven

Mr Peh Siong Cheok
Mechanical Engineering Division
Blk 44, #01-02B
Tel: 6460 6534
Fax : 6467 7384
Email:  pss2

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Toll free: 1800-4607333
(admission to full-time courses)
General enquiries: 6466 6555
Fax: 6468 3207

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 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (N41) 



  • Strong focus on Design Thinking and Practice gives you an edge in developing innovative solutions

  • The only polytechnic diploma in mechanical engineering to offer a specialisation option in Automotive Technology & Motorsports

  • A Minor in Business Management offers more exciting career and degree opportunities


Fancy building an eco-car that is super sleek and with an engine that’s quieter yet powerful and fuel-effcient? It’s not impossible, what with a course like the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (ME) to give you a kick-start!

One of the core disciplines of engineering, mechanical engineering is needed practically everywhere – from automotive and energy sectors to computer and biomedical industries. And a far cry from what some may think, modern-day mechanical engineering can be cool and high-tech! It uses innovative design and technologies to develop cutting-edge products and systems. Isn’t the eco-car an excellent example?

A highly versatile course, ME provides a broad-based education that enables you to excel in diverse career choices. Its strong emphasis on applied design thinking skills gives you an edge in creating innovative solutions for using clean energy, developing new materials and processes, and designing and manufacturing products that range from consumer products to medical devices.

In your first year, you will learn the fundamentals of mechanical engineering with a focus on materials and applied design skills. It covers modules such as Composite Materials, Engineering Materials, Manufacturing Technology & Practice and Engineering Design Drafting.

In your second year, you will be introduced to core mechanical engineering modules such as Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Strength of Materials. You will continue to hone your skills in applied design through modules such as Engineering Design Thinking and Mechanical Design Practice.

In your final year, you will get to choose one of four specialisation options. You will round off your learning journey with a local or overseas internship with established organisations such as ST Kinetics, A*STAR and the University of South Australia. Or you can choose to work on a final-year project to design and develop a new product prototype with real-world application.

Specialisation options

You will study the systems of a car and learn how to design and build a car for transportation purposes or for motorsports. You will also look at new developments in green vehicle design.

You will work with hospitals to design and fabricate rehabilitation devices and systems for patients with different medical conditions. You will also learn to apply mechanical engineering principles in the study of the human body.

You will learn to conceptualise, design and develop an innovative product. You will pick up skills in sketching, rendering, modelling and prototype making, and gain a better appreciation of the aesthetics, ergonomics, product safety and business factors.

You will study alternative and renewable energy sources and how mechanical systems can be optimised to save energy. You will also work on an environmental and energy system project.

Minor in Business Management
This Diploma offers an alternative pathway for those who prefer to read more business modules. In Year 2, you can sign up for our Minor in Business Management.

Taught by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Business & Accountancy, the Minor in Business Management modules cover topics such as financial management, marketing and entrepreneurship. In the final year, you will get to put your knowledge into practice while working on a project with business application. You will also take up a business management elective such as E-Business, Managing Service Operations, Supply Chain Management and Understanding Buyer Behaviour.

With your solid foundation in engineering and your specialisation giving you sought-after skills, you will enjoy excellent job prospects in diverse industries. These include the marine, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, power generation, consumer products, logistics management and electronics industries as well as the chemical and precision engineering sectors.

As this diploma is highly recognised, you may be granted direct admission into the second year of engineering courses in local universities. Most foreign universities also grant our graduates advanced standing. Some examples are:

  • Nanyang Technological University
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, Aerospace and Materials Engineering
    • Bachelor of Bioengineering

  • National University of Singapore
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Glasgow (UK)  & Singapore Institute of Technology  
    • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design Engineering
    • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechatronics

  • University of Manchester (UK)
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Warwick (UK)
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

  • University of New South Wales (Australia)
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Queensland (Australia)
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Melbourne (Australia)
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

You can also apply for non-engineering degree courses. The Minor in Business Management will give you a head-start when applying for such courses.

Here are more details on the degree options and advanced standing at the universities - locally and overseas.

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have the following GCE ‘O’ Level examination (or equivalent) results.

'O' Level Grade            
English Language* 1–7
Mathematics (Elementary/Additional) 1–6
Science (with Physics, Chemistry or Biology component)
or Computer Studies
or Design & Technology
or Fundamentals of Electronics

You must also fulfil the aggregate computation equirements.

* Candidates with English as a second language must have attained a minimum grade of 6.

Candidates with hearing deficiency or severe vision deficiency should not apply for the course.

First-Year ModulesSecond-Year ModulesFinal-Year Modules
^  Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) modules at Ngee Ann help students become more versatile and competitive by expanding their knowledge and skills beyond their core disciplines. Areas covered include communication, entrepreneurship, lifeskills, media and the arts, and science and technology.

Course Structure with minor in Business Management

First-Year Modules Second-Year Modules Final-Year Modules
^   For more details on Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) modules, please log on to

Diploma Plus Programme

Students can select elective modules from a wide range of clusters to obtain their Diploma Plus Certificate. DPP is optional and it will not affect the graduating requirement for the award of a diploma.

Students can choose the DPP clusters from the range listed below. The offer of a DPP cluster is subject to the condition that the minimum class size is met and based on available vacancies.


Engineering ClustersNon-Engineering Clusters
·  Business ^
*  For more details, please log on to
^  DPP cluster will not be offered to students taking the Minor in Business Management
**  The syllabus is aligned to the NTU's FE1012: Physics A module with effect from AY2012/13. NP students who obtained good grades in the Applied Physics modules will be granted exemption from the FE1012: Physics A module.

Engineering students can also pursue Diploma Plus Certificates in Business, Innovation Management and Languages (Japanese).
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