Reasons why you should join us at RED Camp


Find out more about your RED CAMP Tribe-family!

Tribe colour: Red

How to Spot:

Headband, face paint, and their whooping war cry!

  • Unyielding tribe of Red Indians from Native America
  • United, respectable, and fiercely loyal

Tribe colour: Yellow

How to Spot:

Plumed helmet, battle scars, and leading the tribe by example!

  • High-ranking commanders of the Roman army.
  • Responsible, strong leaders, and not easily defeated

Tribe colour: Blue

How to Spot:

You can't. You'll only know they're around after you're hit by their deadly shuriken

  • Highly skilled covert agents from feudal Japan
  • Crafty, determined, and extremely agile

Tribe colour: Grey

How to Spot:

Shield, spear, and charging ahead on the war path!

  • Greek military powerhouses
  • Passionate, disciplined, and filled with fight

Tribe colour: Sea Green

How to Spot:

Horned helmet, battle axe, and braids (don't let them fool you - they're so that their hair doesn't get in the way of deadly hand-to-hand combat!)

  • Ferocious masters of the Scandinavian seas
  • Fearless, focused, and very skilled warriors

1. I have filled in the Friends of NP form at my school. Do I need to register for RED Camp again online?

Yes. Only online registration will be acknowledged.

2. I have registered but I did not get any confirmation email.

A confirmation email will be sent by the end of the day of your registration (11:59pm).

3. I have registered and it is past end of the day. I still have not received the confirmation email.

Please check your junk mail folder as the email might have been redirected there. If you still have not received it, email

4. I registered some time back but just realised I did not receive any confirmation email. Do I need to re-register?

Please check your junk mail folder. If you still have not received it, email so we can check our database. You DO NOT need to re-register.

5. I have registered but I will not be able to attend. What should I do?

Please email to inform that you will not be attending.

6. I have registered but was just informed my prom falls on one of the days of RED Camp. What should I do?

Do turn up for the days that you can make it! If you need to leave earlier for a school event, please inform our student leader before leaving Ngee Ann Poly.

7. I have registered but there is a change in my particulars (home address, email, mobile number etc). What should I do?

Email with your new details.

8. I missed the registration deadline. Can I still register?

It is not possible as we have reached the maximum number of participants. Thank you for your interest in RED Camp.

9. My friend who registered for RED Camp will not be able to attend. Can I take my friend's place if I have not registered?

Email with both of your details. A confirmation email will be sent acknowledging the replacement.

1. My friend and I are in different secondary schools. Can either of us change tribes so we can be in the same tribe?

We do not allow any change in tribes. However, the different tribes will have opportunities to interact with one another so you will definitely see your friend during RED Camp.

2. I do not have clothes in the colour of the tribe that I am allocated to. Can I wear other colours?

It is not compulsory to wear your tribe colours although we encourage you to try if possible.

Have a question that hasn't been answered on the FAQ page? Drop us an e-mail with your contact details
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Where we are:

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
535 Clementi Road

Tel: 6466 6555


How to get here: Buses from Clementi MRT Station: 52, 154, 184

Buses coming to Clementi Road: 52, 61, 74, 75, 151, 154, 184


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